IFL To Start Drug Testing

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7/24/07 6:49:22AM
The commissioner of the IFL, Kurt Otto, is a very busy man. He and his partner Gareb Shamus have single-handedly started up the first team mixed martial arts promotion in America...

7/24/07 8:21:52AM
Dana White, and the UFC, have to be feeling the pressure to institute some type of independent drug testing if they want to avoid more bad media coverage.

Besides, most fans want to see fighters compete without the assistance of performance enhancing drugs. If you can't win without the drugs, either compete with the understanding that you will never be a champion or don't compete at all!!
7/24/07 10:52:36AM
ive come to the conclusion that i dont think alot of Fighters are using roids to "get bigger, stronger, faster" (although yes im sure some are.) it seems to me like more and more fighters are using it to recover faster. training for fights means you have to fight. and fighting always comes with getting injured.

so the pressure is on. lots of money, set fight dates ect ect. you get injured and if you take something that will make you heal faster so you can get in there and do the fight....

i just think alot of people are assuming its dudes juicing to get huge. im not sure thats really whats plaguing the UFC and mma world in general. i think its just the injury rate and dudes wanting to recover faster. thats my two cents.
7/24/07 1:20:42PM

I dont see guys wanting to gain weight they are always wanting to cut to make their weight
7/24/07 8:58:29PM
If they wanted to get bigger they would just take HGH cuss its harder or theres not a test at all from what I hear.
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