IFL disrespecting Mike Ciesnolevicz!

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3/29/07 10:25:29AM
according to Ben Rothwell.

3/29/07 11:57:29AM
hm i had no idea.. that sucks for mike.. hes a good fighter and he deserves to be portrayed as such.. hopefully things straighten out for him, id hate to see ben and mike leave the IFL
3/29/07 12:00:11PM
if you read down far enough it looks like ben was just blowing off steam and has no plans to go anywhere. the guy is as exciting as they have in ifl(ben that is) but i think he needs some more work on tech striking and ground, not to mention conditioning before he makes it to the "big leagues"
3/29/07 3:47:27PM
looks like he was just messing around, i'm sure Mike C really doesn't care
3/30/07 10:27:48AM
looks like Mike C. got to write a blog on the IFL website so if he did actually care they helped him out a little bit

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