IFL CEO Jay Larkin Has Battle Outside the Ring

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3/4/08 12:58:26PM
LAS VEGAS -- Every day the alarm goes off and his eyes open is a victory for Jay Larkin.

He has one of the toughest jobs in sports: trying to take the IFL off the critical list. The league’s stock is hovering at 10 cents, rumors of its demise pop up every day and sponsors shudder at the thought of associating with it.

But Larkin looks at it all – “this great big mess,” he says – and beams.

He has a job that makes him relevant, and going to work every day trying to solve problems for folks who depend on his wisdom and his instincts almost makes him forget he has brain cancer.


Larkin, 57, was diagnosed with brain cancer in April 2007, nearly 1½ years after he parted ways with Showtime, where he founded and ran the network’s boxing program. If the IFL’s many woes make him forget, he remembers by the monthly trips to Durham, N.C., where he receives treatment at Duke University.

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