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1/28/07 3:37:36PM
Many love the one on one aspect of fighting, while the IFL still has that in each fight, along with there superfights, the new fighting for a team format will bring large amounts of fans to watch, now the Team Fights are what IFL is known for, but in the post season they will be holding a 4-man tourney to decide the champ of that weight class, now 16 teams may seam like alot of fights, with all teams compete three times in the season, up to five for the championship matchup, and one superfight per card, theres not a whole lot of fighting in one season, by 2009, Kurt Otto estimates 35 teams and going overseas to fight, even possibly in Japan, In time IFL will pay there fighters much more then WEC, Gladiator Challenge, or KOTC does. This will be a great thing for the sport of MMA, also fighting in smaller venues with cheap ticket prices, its a good way for new fans to see new fighters and Standouts.

I for one will be following the IFL for as long as i can

My IFL team to support; Marco Ruas's So Cal Condors
1/29/07 2:47:41PM
The IFL is fun to watch, i like the team aspect aswell but i dont see it gettin as big as other orgs, i hope it sticks around for many more seasons.

My team is renzo's pitbulls
1/29/07 7:40:03PM

Posted by the-james

The IFL is fun to watch, i like the team aspect aswell but i dont see it gettin as big as other orgs, i hope it sticks around for many more seasons.

My team is renzo's pitbulls

I completely agree. I think it will end up more popular regionally than nationally or worldwise, like baseball.
1/30/07 10:37:41PM
I'm really enjoying the IFL. I like how it's different from the other organizations and I can't wait to go to my first IFL match this September.

I'm rooting for the Silverbacks all the way! Hopefully they'll become the champs again.
1/31/07 2:35:57AM
When I first heard the idea of IFL I hated it. Because I thought that a fighter would loose the recongition of his win because of his team lossing. But the more I've watched it the more I've grown to like it. It still needs a couple more seasons and more teams to really get its feet on the ground, but they seem to be doing well. The more shows I watch, the more it seems people are feeling in the seats.
My team is the Silverbacks but one of my favorit fighters in the IFL is Chris Horodecki.... That kid is bad ass! I would love to see him in a big show!
1/31/07 4:23:58AM
Yeah Horodecki, and Rothwell are my mine.
2/4/07 2:32:07PM
Well i got my Ticket to IFL Reno, ill bring a camera this time
2/4/07 3:51:16PM
I dont think its next i think it is. When it went Public Shares Started at 1.25. Now i hear that they are around $9 somewhere. IMO IFL is already huge. They just need somemore exposure.
2/4/07 11:07:11PM
I like it, I think it's different from everything else. I don't think it will ever compete with Pride or UFC, but I think it will compete w/ the WEC as #2 (type of org, counting the "big 2" as #1) and stand above a lot of the smaller shows. I think as the sport grows it will find a mid-level that we don't see yet, right now everything's either big or small. But for there to be a real public acceptance I think a minor league is essential.
2/5/07 1:41:15AM
The IFL could very well be the next big thing in MMA if it lasts. The fights are great, the team concept is pretty cool in that it gets some hometown pride brought to the stands, and it gives a place for the legends to go. Not every great MMA fighter can become a commentator. It will probably get bought out by the UFC though. If they were to keep it going under the ufc banner that would be cool, but who knows. For now I will enjoy it while it lasts.
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