IFL Battleground 3: Thoughts Anyone?

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3/26/07 10:57:54PM
Overall a decent show introducing us to Renzo's team. Miletich got completely owned by Renzo in the superfight, I didn't expect it to be that quick. Rory Markham looks like the absolute real deal in the standup game, he is a great striker.

Bas Quote Of The Night:

McGivern takes Fabio Leopoldo's back and attempts to put his hooks in:

Bas: "What is he doing? Why would he do that?"

Immediately afterward, Leopoldo somersaults over and submits him with a kneebar. Bas is the man.
3/27/07 12:11:55AM
I found it hypocritical that Renzo would complain his fighter got DQed for KOing Hallman with an illegal strike, but was cool winning via DQ to Frank for the same thing.
3/27/07 12:27:20PM
I think it's unbelievable how lax they are with using the ropes in the IFL. Sometimes they make a big deal out of it and move the fighters away from the ropes and then other times they just completely let them use the ropes to their advantage.
3/28/07 3:47:41AM
I agree. I think they should deduct a point for people using rope escapes, as thats getting annoying.
3/29/07 3:53:43PM
i just heard that this monday will be a re-run of last weeks show, probably due to the NCAA bball tourny. Gives them two weeks to put together another solid show, i'll be looking forward to it
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