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4/4/08 1:22:48AM
In this segment I'll just say what I feel about the Fights and If I think they'll be Good

Jay Hieron vs Mark Miller - In this Fight we have a clash of styles, Jay with the Great Wrestling and Mark with the Great Kickboxing and Powerful Punches. Should be a very intertaining Fight with lots of Stand Up and Ground Fighting. Watch this Fight !

Wagnney Fabiano vs Shad Lierley - Shad is coming down from Lightweight to Featherweight which is a better suited weight class for him. Waggeny has the best Jui Jitsu pound for pound in the IFL and he has Good Wrestling to boot. Shad had that Great Stand Up War with Chris Horodecski which in a lot of people opinions Shad won the Fight. Should be a Good Fight.

Jamal Patterson vs Vladimir Matyushenko - I Love this Match Up ! Vladdy has the best Wrestling Pound for Pound in the IFL with good Submission Skills and Stand Up. Jamal has some sick Jui Jistsu and Good Wrestling. This will be a Very exciting Fight.

Bart Palaszewski vs Jim Miller - Bartimus is sick plain and simple, Powerful, Fast Hands, good Takedowns and has the best Guillotines. Jim has Good Wrestling and Formitable Jui Jitsu. This Fight is going to be Awesome !

Brad Blackburn vs Delson Heleno - Delson has some sick Jui Jitsu and Wrestling, Brad on the other hand has Heavy Hands and Good Stand Up. This Fight should be an interesting one.

Rafael Dias vs LC Davis - Dias has Great Jui Jitsu and Good Wrestling,he's going up against a guy with Great Wrestling so it should be an interesting Fight.

Emyr Bussade vs Jesse Lennox - This Fight will be Exciting with Bussade having Great Jui Jitsu and Jesse with Great Wrestling, should be some Great Ground Fighting.

Carmelo Marrero vs Mike Ciesnolevicz - Wrestler vs Wrestler will always be an exciting Fight because most of the time the Fight turns into an all out Slugfest. Remember Takayama vs Frye

Nate Lamotte vs Chris Horodecki - Chris is just a Freak of a Striker and he's Fighting the up and coming Prospect Nate Lamotte, this should be Great Display of Striking.

Alex Schoenauer vs Brendan Barrett - Alex is just a Great Fighter and shouldn't be refelective of his record. His Leg Locks are sick and I can't wait to see him back in Action.

4/4/08 1:03:41PM
Sadly most people are interested in this fight card because it is not the UFC. As I've read and heard a lot of people say that there aren't a lot of exciting matchups on this card. I beg to differ as the Miller/Hieron fight should be very competitive and Vladdy/Patterson and Miller/Bart should be fireworks. There are a lot of good fights on the card and should be a lot of action! Nice preview btw.
4/4/08 2:38:55PM
any idea what network this will air on?
I used to watch IFL on Fox sports but I can't find it on this event on the guide.

btw, i think it looks like a great line up. I just hope i can find it on the tube.
4/4/08 3:22:03PM
I think IFL is now primarily on HDNet. I dont get the channel but i think thats where this one is on.
4/4/08 4:08:05PM
dang...i don't get hdnet either.
4/4/08 5:55:22PM
What time does the event start?
4/4/08 6:44:27PM
yeah, there's some real competitive fights on this card. It sucks that HDNet is picking up a lot of these cards as it seems like no one even has that f@cking channel. Oh well, I really wanted to see The Janitor and Patterson throw down.
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