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1/21/08 9:36:31PM
I was watching the TV show Maximum Exposure the other night and they showed a clip of a UFC/Pride style fight a huge black guy and smaller (but still pretty big) asian guy. the black guy tools on the other guy for most of the fight (or at least the clip they show makes it seem that way) and slams him on his head like 3 or 4 times. you think the asian dude is going to die as he goes limp practically and just keeps getting railed in the head. out of no where though he arm bars the black guy and wins. the clip struck me as being ridiculous and i cannot believe he could take that much punishment and still win. ive been searching for it online for the past few days but cannot find it. i figured id post this here in case anyone can help me out. thanks
1/21/08 9:40:32PM
im not sure if this is it, but try antonio rodrigo nogueira vs bob sapp in PRIDE.
1/21/08 9:52:12PM
watched that one, wasnt it. similar to that but im pretty sure the guy who won was pretty asian looking, with some sort of fu man chu lookin beard. (i dont wana racist, just trying to describe his looks.)
1/21/08 10:17:38PM
damn man it sounds exactly like bob sapp vs rodrigo minotauro noguiera, noguiera does kinda look asian if you look at his face, and bob sapp does drop in on his head a couple times, and noguiera does win by arm bar....but since you said it isnt

ill post up some fights that sound familiar


1/21/08 10:23:26PM
nah, neither of those two. i wish i could remember more about it dammit. it left me with the feeling of "holy shit what the hell did i just see happen" type feeling.
1/22/08 12:18:43AM
Sounds a little like Rampage vs I forget who. But it didn't end in armbar at all lol.
1/22/08 1:29:52AM
Yeah, I thought Rampage vs. Sakaraba, but that doesn't sound right.
1/22/08 6:38:18AM

Posted by Svartorm

Yeah, I thought Rampage vs. Sakuraba, but that doesn't sound right.

yea sakuraba ended up winning that fight by choke, and rampage aint really that big, and saku either, i was thinking about it yesterday, and all i could think about was noguiera vs sapp.....if they are huge, not just big but huge, i sounds like its between zuluzinho, and bob sapp, havent seen a black guy as big as them fight before ....

EDIT: actually are you sure it ended with an armbar??? becuase now that i think about it, sakuraba got rampage with a really close armbar, that looked like he was gonna finish it, but actually he ended up winning by choke, ill post up the link....


(make sure you watch the whole thing, because it mostly at the end were ramoage slams him a couple times... make you you watch at 6:45 of the fight)
1/22/08 11:01:19AM
i watched the rampage v sakuraba vid but that wasnt it either. close but not quite. at the very end of the vid that i saw on tv the asian dude is on the ropes standing up after just getting dropped on his head then out of no where he does some sort of move (they call it an arm bar on the show) while standing up and then drops to the mat while holding the guy and the fight is over.

it was really late at night when i saw it and my memory is somewhat fuzzy but im trying to recall everything the best i can.
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