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11/13/08 3:17:16PM
f5 tornado that destroyed 95% of a town in greensburg, kansas
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11/13/08 3:24:50PM
Space Shuttle 'Challenger' explosion...

I remember being in 1st grade watching this live on TV. Craziness...
11/13/08 3:43:36PM
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11/13/08 7:15:24PM
wow, crazy pic grappler. Looks like a mouth with a toungue coming out....tried to give props but gotta spread love...
11/13/08 8:26:07PM
Pictures that when viewed by most people don't do much, but to me, these pictures always remind me to keep working hard, and even if you don't get the reward right away, you will get it eventually, as long as you keep working hard.

Former Tampa Bay Lightning captain Dave Andreychuk, who played for 22 years before finally winning a Stanley Cup in 2004.

And, one of my personal favorite pictures that really moves me, and actually makes me pretty emotional, is this one.

After 20 plus years, Ray Bourque had yet to win a Stanley Cup. His trade to the Colorado Avalanche was the best chance he was going to get. After playing for 22 years and setting records for goals, assists and points by a defenseman, Ray Bourque finally won a Stanley Cup in 2001. And a side note, Ray Bourque is the only player to date, since the establishment of the tradition, to carry the Stanley Cup around the ice before the captain did, because that is just the kind of person Joe Sakic is.

9/4/09 11:06:58AM
9/4/09 11:08:09AM
9/4/09 11:30:41AM
Wow that firefighting picture is amazing
9/4/09 12:42:37PM
Lightning Storm / Volcanic Eruption in Chile

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9/4/09 1:24:19PM
1st image is "Tank Man"
2nd image is one that cuts deep to all English soccer fans
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9/4/09 2:29:15PM

Posted by babalu46

1st image is "Tank Man"
2nd image is one that cuts deep to all English soccer fans

totally forgot about the Hand of God...
9/4/09 7:12:26PM

Posted by grappler0000

Lightning Storm / Volcanic Eruption in Chile

Those lightning pictures are amazing...

A new one for you guys, recently created statue honoring former New York Rangers prospect Alexei Cherepanov in Omsk, Russia.

And ex-Ranger/teammate of Cherepanov, Jaromir Jagr, visiting the statue.

9/4/09 11:04:40PM
you guy's know he murdered thousands of innocent people right, when i see people wear his shirt i know they are either retarded or uneducated, not saying you guys are. But he is not someone to look up to.

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

don't meen to copy rush but here's one of my fav pics

and of course the 1916 memorial

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