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3/15/08 4:14:44PM
Don't think there was a thread for this, but former UFC fighter Phil Baroni returns to action at tonight's ICON Sport event. He faces Kala Kolohe Hose in the main event. The weigh-ins were held last night, everyone made weight but one fighter, Colin MacKenzie, no-showed, they did find a replacement though-Brandon Pieper, Bronson Pieper's twin brother.

Full card:
Phil Baroni (186) vs. Kala Kolohe Hose (184.2)
Auggie Padeken (205.7) vs. Jeremy Williams (205)
Sadhu Bott (143.9) vs. Bronson Pieper (146)
Russell Doane (135.1) vs. Tyson Nam (135.4)
Wayne Perrin, III (170.3) vs. Koa Ramos (170.9)
Brennan Kamaka (181.3) vs. Ross Ebanez (173.5)
Eddie Rincon (160.6) vs. P.J. Dean (160.8)
Matt Comeau (145) vs. Elias Delos Reyes (145)
Alan Lima (149.7) vs. David Padilla (153.1)
Zack Rapal (133.8) vs. Dwayne Haney (134.6)
Brandon Pieper (150.3) vs. Ricky Wallace (147.7)
Nui Wheeler (136.3) vs. Jay Bolos (137.6)
Wade Ke (175.9) vs. Micah Ige (173.8)

There is no TV coverage of the event but ProElite.com will stream the event LIVE tonight beginning at 11 PM ET (Free as long as you've registered for a ProElite.com account, which is also free). I just got my account the other day so I may try and watch some at the beginning.
3/15/08 4:35:14PM
I'm still upset that they stripped an injured Lawler of the belt to give Baroni and immediate title shot, but this could be a decent fight. I'm not sure if many people are giving Hose a chance, but Hose is a solid fighter. He's on a 5-fight win streak (after losing his MMA debut), and all of his wins are via (T)KO. I'm picking the upset (?), and I'll be watching on proelite.com

3/15/08 5:15:27PM
KKH by KO over baloni
3/15/08 5:29:24PM
it never gets old to see baroni lose, hes been shit talking a nice guy all week and its about time he gets laid out cold
3/16/08 1:54:00AM
Baroni got beat pretty badly.

3/16/08 5:21:57AM
does anyone have any video of the fight? I missed the show, but it sounds pretty awesome!
3/16/08 6:06:30AM
Those were the absolute worst MMA announcers I've ever heard in my life.

Pathetic on so many levels.

Here's the link to the fights.

3/16/08 10:15:15AM
I watched the stream this morning, some fairly good fights and some guys with potential despite not a lot of star power although one fighter was fighting out of BJ Penn's camp.
3/17/08 2:01:34AM
I saw the Baroni vs. Hose fight, and thats one of the best fights I've seen in a long time. Both guys have tons of heart, and although I've never liked Baroni, he really went up a notch in my book for coming out in the 5th round, even though he was in a world of hurt already. Great fight.
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