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3/16/08 8:32:48AM
3/16/08 2:46:54PM
Hose smoked Baroni! good fight though
3/16/08 10:46:11PM
Baroni looked good for 3 minutes
3/16/08 10:51:48PM
i watched the Baroni fight and that has to be one of the most one sided fights i have ever seen. in the 4th round Baroni was practically hugging Hose's leg while getting pummeled on his side. at least 2 of the 4 rounds before the KO could have been a 10-8 round. it was pretty bad and i was honestly surprised Baroni lasted as long as he did. he looked really gassed after round one though...i mean you would think that a fighter who was training for a title fight wouldn't look completely exhausted with his hands on his knees after one round.
3/17/08 2:13:29AM
I think its just a matter of him being way high-strung during his fights, and relaying way too much on power. Any MW will gas if you go full bore for two rounds.

With that said, that was a hell of a fight, and Baroni took one hell of a beating. Props to him for even making it into the 5th round, and taking the fight to Hose in the 1st.
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