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3/16/07 5:42:46PM
i know since ICON events are held in hawaii they allow different rules, but what are they? are they the same as pride with the 10min first round, stomps and soccer kicks, and no elbows? or do they allow elbows and just add in the stomps and 10 min first round?
3/19/07 2:21:33PM
3 five minute rounds stomps to a dowm opponent legal 8 man tournaments legal 5 locals jumping a "haole" from the mainland after the show legal
3/24/07 9:34:26AM
i think its the same as pride usa rules but i might be mistaken
3/25/07 12:40:18AM
no its not the same as pride usa because both usa pride events have taken place in nevada and therefore are under NSAC(nevada state athletic commision) rules, which are the same as the ufc only without elbows. its a state thing but i want to know if hawaii events for ICON allow elbows too or if a ufc event was held in hawaii would they allow soccer kicks and head stomps?
3/28/07 1:48:16PM
dana white has said countless times that anywhere a ufc goes they will follow the new jersey and nevada state athletic commisions rules(and apparently from the interview on the front page pride will now have to do the same)
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