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POLL: What is Chuck Liddell's best performance to date?
Liddell vs. Ortiz2 16% (6)
Liddell vs. Couture3 32% (12)
Liddell vs. Wanderlei 35% (13)
Liddell vs. Horn 8% (3)
Liddell vs. Belfort 0% (0)
Other 8% (3)
3/29/08 7:05:43PM
What do you think is Chucks best performance to date?......I chose Liddell vs. Ortiz 2. He picked Tito apart..he dropped him in the first, landed wicked shots throughout the fight until he put Tito on the mat and GnP'd his way to victory. Then I thought Chuck vs. Randy 3 in second and than Chuck vs. Wanderlei.
3/29/08 7:10:22PM
the wandy fight was probly his most dominant, but i think his BEST performance was against Couture in their 3rd fight. Randy didnt really ever get a chance.

EDIT: Change that statement... his most dominant was against Horn but his best is still Couture 3
3/29/08 7:39:37PM
well for performance id have to say wandy because he take wandy down when he needed to, i didnt think that was going to happen
3/29/08 8:51:59PM
wouldnt say im a fan but how he fought wandy was definatly the best, he got into wandys head and made him fight sloppy, couture 2 is a close 2nd
3/29/08 9:40:59PM
all the way with randy3 he was incredibly dominant and the fight was epic he destroyed randy and it was truly amazing
3/29/08 9:53:46PM
randy3 definitely, Silva in second
3/29/08 10:03:39PM
My vote goes to the wandy fight. He fought well, and showed good discipline in keeping wandy at bay with his reach and not allowing wandy to utilize one of his biggest weapons in the clinch. And when wandy got the clinch thats when chuck opened him up with that elbow. Plus it kinda shut up the "chuck cant beat a striker" idiots for a while.
3/29/08 10:30:29PM
All of them are great! Liddell vs. Couture 3 almost ties with Liddell vs. Ortiz 2. Liddell showed more combos and different strikes in the 2nd fight w/ Tito. Liddell vs. Couture3 was an amazing fight for Chuck but Chuck didn't land nearly the combo's he did on Tito, in the 3rd fight w/ Randy, Chuck counterpunched and landed mostly 1-2s and a good uppercut, and then that huge right hand in the second that planted him, however I believe the highest level of dominancy and the best night of his career was against Tito for the second fight.
3/30/08 1:47:09AM
Liddell vs Ortiz 2 has to be the winner. With all of the shit Tito talked before and after the first fight then before the second fight, it no wondere Chuck set out to destroy him. The last flurry as Tito is sliding down the cage like a wet booger on a mirror and eating heavy shots is awesome!!!
3/30/08 7:58:36PM
Liddell vs Couture 3 was IMPRESSIVE
3/30/08 11:20:59PM
I really liked watching Chuck v Randy 3. To me it seemed liked Randy did not stand a chance and Chuck went crazy and finished him.

I can not select Chuck v Wandi as I was not impressed with the third round.

Chuck was trying to run the clock down to secure the win, which is fine, but means it was not his best performance. Didn't Chuck even try to take Wandi down late in the 3rd round? Would of been better if he had of finished him.
3/31/08 12:59:09AM
i pick chuck vs wandy because it seem that chuck landed 99.9% of his punches. wandy and big nog can take abuse...
3/31/08 3:24:15AM
I'd say the Wanderlei fight, because he was up against the most dangerous opponent he had ever faced and he managed to win. If he'd been any less accurate Wanderlei would have mauled him.
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