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12/27/07 4:42:14PM
LAS VEGAS — The late nights in the country’s trendiest hot spots were never an issue when he pummeled Tito Ortiz.

The paunch around the midsection was ignored when he iced Renato Sobral.

The string of celebrity girlfriends was passed off as Chuck being Chuck when he knocked out Randy Couture.

12/27/07 5:12:16PM
Such a hard fight to pick...I am going with my heart here a want Wandy to win. I just can't put it past Chuck to KO a guy in seconds flat!!
12/27/07 5:34:57PM
I really want Chuck to win, but i have to pick Wandy by 2nd rd. KO.....
12/27/07 5:46:26PM
I think Chuck will take this just because of their styles match-up. Unfortunately, i doubt that he will ever be a champion again because he is so 1D.
12/27/07 6:49:08PM
I recently changed my pick for Wandy, so i hope chuck's plan will not work !!

12/27/07 8:33:26PM
I've been watching a ton of wand's fights and I realized, he's only agressive after the guy comes at him and gets rocked. I think Couture will get wand to force chuck to engage first and wand will capitalize. Honestly it's been a long while since I've seen wand push hard(other then the Cro Cop fight).
12/28/07 10:52:49AM
Before his fight with Rampage I noticed that there were even more reports about his partying than before his other fights. So I took a hunch and went with Rampage.
12/28/07 11:00:02AM
I'm really hoping for Wanderlei in this bout.
He's been one of my favirotes for a very long time now,and IMO,this is the ultimate fight for him.
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