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9/14/07 11:20:02AM
This is just an easy set up for Chuck by Dana White, so his little boy don't lose 2 in a row....

Jardine 1st rd KO
9/19/07 3:02:00PM
Keith is so loppy
he doesnt stand a chance against chucks technical striking
over in the first 30 seconds
end of story
9/19/07 6:11:30PM
It seems to me that the UFC is kind of throwing their TUF guys under the bus now. Forrest loses BADLY to Jardine and wins in unimpressive fashion over Hector Ramirez..and they throw him to Shogun. Jardine KTFOs Forrest, who the UFC obviously wanted to hype as a contender, gets owned by Alexander..and they throw him to Liddell when he's coming off of a loss. I understand that these guys should be fighting top competition if they want to get better; I just find it funny how they were being coddled by the UFC before and now it's like BAM! Here's 2 of the toughest fights imaginable for these guys. I'll never say never though. If either of them wins, I can't even say I'll be surprised after all the upsets we've seen this year.
9/19/07 6:33:29PM
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