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7/14/07 2:42:03PM
Does anyone els find this fight weird???

Chuck is going to OWN Jardine...
7/14/07 4:11:23PM
I say Chuck will have it late late in the first or early in the second by TKO.
7/14/07 4:14:41PM
idk The Dean Of Mean has a lot to gain in this he is going go all out,iceman is to but this is going be a good fight,its going be round 3 head kick The Dean Of Mean
7/14/07 4:38:50PM
maybe keith will have a shot if he doesnt come out with that stupid ass stance like he did with houston hopping around like a goof. all that said i think much like rampage keith will bring the fight to chuck, hes got a shot, but a very small one.
7/14/07 5:04:22PM
hey hopefully someone gets knocked out. its crazy but both fighters are coming off of first round tko's losses.
7/14/07 5:05:13PM
I think Liddell will win by first round KO.
7/14/07 5:16:07PM
if jardine comes out of his corner all hyped, and just wailing away he will get cuaght! first or second round KO....chuck's counters are phenomenal
7/14/07 5:17:20PM
BUT!!!!......lets not forget all underdog stories.
7/14/07 6:55:06PM
7/14/07 6:58:00PM
hahaha yea thats the same reaction i had too. chuck is coming off a big lose so he'll be better than ever
7/14/07 8:11:14PM
I don't see this fight why not ......I don't know anyone other then keith. No disrespect but he just got smashed by some guy most have never heard of. Are they just giving Chuck an ok fighter with a big name ....oh wait I think iI have seen this before . Chuck late first early second.
7/14/07 9:40:41PM
chuck first rd ko

jardine will be afraid..........

7/14/07 11:24:31PM
im feeling another upset for '07 baby! dont ask why. haha
7/15/07 12:04:21AM
This seems like a pretty obvious way to give Chuck a fight without much risk so that he will be available to fight the winner of Hendo/Rampage. I think Dana is hoping this is a little confidence booster so that his golden boy gets back to a title fight. That being said I love Chuck, so my pick is Chuck with about a minute left in the first by KO.
7/15/07 1:50:06AM
I'm really getting tired of people posting threads when there is already a thread about this topic. Please do us all a favor and look before you post.
7/15/07 12:24:11PM
i don't think if chuck beats jardine he will automaticly get another title shot for the winner of rampage and Hollywood. he will probobly get another fight after keith.
7/15/07 2:05:28PM
The odds on this fight are gonna be crazy; I'm picking Chuck, but I'll spend $20 (fantasy) on Jardine at a shot to get a big payoff
7/16/07 10:19:01AM
If Jardine would not come out in the stance he had against Alexander he might of at least had a chance.But Chuck will beat Jardine 1st round TKO.
7/16/07 5:37:53PM
Jardine has no chance he has no advantage Liddell by 2rd tko
7/20/07 11:41:29PM
I really wanna see Jardine beat Chuck, but I don't think it will happen.
7/22/07 10:17:55AM
Garbage; I think chuck is just trying to get an easy win. This fight makes no sense at all he should be fighting shogun or evan h.alexander.
7/23/07 1:15:57AM
jardine needs more monkey style.
7/23/07 3:22:52AM
If Jardine wins I will become an alcoholic
7/23/07 3:56:54PM

Posted by dcox86

all that said i think much like rampage keith will bring the fight to chuck,

Actually, Rampage didn't take the fight to Chuck. That strategy is, at least in part, why he won. He forced Chuck to come to him and make a mistake. Rampage capitalized and the rest is history.

Chuck loves it when an opponent "brings it" to him. He creates angles to nail his opponent with that looping right hand. Lights out!!

It will be interesting to see how both guys react to their 1st round (T)KO losses. As of right now, I will take Chuck by 1st round (T)KO.
7/25/07 11:35:52AM
I picked Jardine
7/25/07 1:27:20PM
its not imposable for jardine to win but this fight suits chuck. Chuck likes to fight moving away from his oppenent and unless jardine is getting cautious after getting Ko'd he's gonna go straight for him
7/26/07 10:24:11AM
I think this a very interesting matchup. I know not many fighters have the power Iceman has, but Jardine is tough as nails. He has a never-give-up attitude. Chuck has the edge in striking and take down def. Unless Jardine lands a lucky punch, I see it going late 2nd or early 3rd.
8/5/07 3:55:59PM
why jardine? does beating kj give you a title shot, it shouldnt. maybe a shogun/forrest winner( sorry shogun), but DW's poster boy cant afford 2 loses in a row with all the new talent at lhw. chuck has said many times that he wants to fight wandy for like 5 years, but again he didnt want to wait 2 months. and at last why jardine, he just got demolished by a new guy, let chuckie fight alexander instead of kj. ahhh but alexander is somewhat still of a mystery full of uncertainies, but kj is not..he is just a victim in waiting. chuck by easy first round ko.
9/11/07 9:12:30PM
Chuck will destroy Jardine 1st round KO
9/13/07 10:20:18AM
ya never know
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