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2/5/09 2:01:35PM
So I got what my Chiropractor called a stinger Tuesday night. I was going for a arm bar and my hands slipped off and I landed on the right side of my face it pushed to the left and the right shoulder went to the right. It felt like I had a knife stabbing me in my right peck going through to my shoulder/back. I went home and Iced it all night then went to the Chiro the wed. morning. He adjusted me then stim and an ultra sound. Then he tells me to put this stuff called Bio Freeze on. Let me tell you it gives you an extreme hot and cold feeling like any muscle cream but I woke up this morning and it almost feels like nothing happened. I don't know if you can buy it online but it really works.

So you guys have any thing you sware by?
2/6/09 2:21:10AM
I got quite a few stingers in football back in the day. They usually go away before long, so you it might not have been the Biofreeze. I got a stinger once that made my arm go limp for a couple minutes. I thought I had been paralyzed but was out there again the next series.
2/19/09 7:37:53AM
Bio Freeze is awesome, I definately swear by it.

Between my boxing career and baseball I had torn my left rot. cuff about 3 serious times and a dozen minor times and Biofreeze kept me going.

Just simple warning (and I'm sure your not as stupid as me)

If you put it on your feet (swollen, sprains, whatever)

Dont immediately put your shoes on then work out.......good hell it was like the fires of hell in my socks

And obviously dont whipe your eyes or scratch your sack.

Ha Ha sorry man but yeah I love the stuff and swear by it.
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