Ian McCall's Violent Delights, Shakespeare Comes to the Cage

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12/22/11 11:05:12AM
Few things are more coveted in sports than a champion with a human interest story. This is especially true of prizefighting, a realm of athletics that is both individual and attracts unique and engrossing personalities.


In recent months, MMA has started to gaze more intently at the 125-pound division, knowing that the weight class will be featured in the UFC’s Octagon before long. Fortunately, the division already has a magnetic torchbearer with a galvanizing story.

On Aug. 5, Ian McCall took the Tachi Palace Fights flyweight title from Darrell Montague with a rousing third-round submission win in Lemoore, Calif. With a Dali-esque handlebar mustache and a nickname like “Uncle Creepy,” McCall has already shown the world he has a profound sense of comedy. However, it is the sense of tragedy within the 27-year-old’s life that has oriented him toward his title triumph.

These are 12-and-a-half stories about the man.


This article was written about mid way through 2011. It's one of the best articles of the year featured by bloodyelbow.

12/22/11 11:23:48AM
It's a long read but it's pretty good.
12/22/11 11:17:45PM
i wont lie i didnt get all the way through the article. maybe ADD. either way, McCall is pretty funny and from one mustache wearer to another, his is pretty sweet. i'm very excited for him to make his debut in the UFC. the tournament idea is a great way to find a champ.
12/23/11 12:10:03AM
To wrap it all up
He came from a difficult past of overdosing on drugs.
He had a bit of a difficult childhood.
He's very in love with his pregnant wife (tells the story of their marriage in the article).
He wants to be the best flyweight in the world and he thinks he already is.
He wishes he spent the first several years of his career really focusing on training instead of using drugs.
He's obsessed with his facial hair
and he doesn't like having a size disadvantage.

I might be leaving some stuff out but you get the point. He seems like a really good dude.
12/23/11 7:19:01AM
When I first read this I thought it said Ian Mckellen......
Ian McKellen
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