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POLL: Who Wins? Ellenberger vs Fitch
Ellenberger KO/TKO 35% (8)
Ellenberger SUB 0% (0)
Ellenberger Decision 17% (4)
Fitch KO/TKO 4% (1)
Fitch SUB 0% (0)
Fitch Decision 43% (10)
4/26/12 3:45:39PM
This matchup was brought up in Trevail's WW Tournament Sidegame. I was curious how the rest of the site saw this fight playing out.
4/26/12 3:57:07PM
I was one of the ppl who took Jon Fitch.

I personally think he got caught in his last fight and could beat Hendricks 9 out of 10 times. I feel Ellenburger needs a tko/ko win to beat Fitch and I dont believe he can do that. I could be wrong though really close fight in my opinion.
4/26/12 3:57:56PM

Posted by sparky

really close fight in my opinion.

yeah i was hoping we'd see this fight a while back. it'd be a very competitive & close fight.
4/26/12 5:48:30PM
Styles make fights. I chose Ellenberger ko/tko.

Ellenberger has arguably the strongest punching power in the WW division and the wrestling to keep the fight standing the majority of the time. If this fight goes to a decision Fitch wins it but I think Ellenberger will grow from the Diego fight and he'd be ready for Fitch.
4/26/12 6:01:16PM
Fitch doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell.
4/27/12 11:41:05AM
IMO, Fitch and Ellenberger are similar fighters with similar attributes and with that in mind, I would go with the younger fighter, Ellenberger.

Later on this year, I think we will see Ellenberger vs Hendricks for the number one contender spot - provided they beat their opponents in the their next bout which I am confident they will.
4/27/12 1:30:32PM
I would take fitch, even more so in a 5 rounder. Burger looked great against Sanchez, but for about 8 minutes. Then he lost his range, got taken down, and could have been finished if sanchez was either fresher or a much better finisher than he is.
4/27/12 4:01:34PM
I pick Fitch, but Ellenberger is one of my favorite fighters (probably my favorite current fighter).

4/27/12 5:13:52PM
Fitch got tagged but he's very underrated because of how he tends to stick to the gameplan. I think he would find a way to beat Ellenberger.
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