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8/29/12 4:34:56PM
I remember someone mentioned they worked in this field, but I forget who, so looking for a diagnosis if possible.

My ice machine at work isn't cycling correctly. If I plug it in, it starts filling, then the compressor kicks on. It then goes through that fill/drain phase where its not cold enough to make ice yet. When it gets that cold and ice is just starting to form, it stops cycling.

Also had a issue where it was just taking in water and dumping it back out without actually kicking on before it started this.

Any ideas, and is it something I could reasonably fix myself?
8/29/12 5:49:24PM
did you try the Fonz method?
8/29/12 8:12:01PM
Fonzing something that pours water directly into a floor drain generally isn't a good idea.
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