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3/26/09 9:48:03AM
Fighting, both as a fighter and spectator/supporter, has been a big part of Emily Fisher's life. Between operating a gym run by and training with her husband, UFC fighter Spencer Fisher, Emily Fisher is part of a growing subset of MMA fighters, those who don't necessarily fight for the money or the fame but the self-respect and pleasure of accomplishment. The days spent preparing in the gym translate into confidence in other aspects of life, and the exhilaration of a fight simply can't be matched in day jobs or other errand tasks. Emily, 3-1 and preparing for her 5th fight in May, is one of a growing breed of part-time fighters who accept the business of MMA as part of their lives.

3/26/09 11:04:14AM
and fighting in the blue corner......

3/26/09 11:11:46AM

Posted by Loot613

and fighting in the blue corner......


damn it, I was going to say that!
3/26/09 11:33:37AM
Having met Spencer at UFC 90 in Chicago, I can honestly say that he is the nicest MMA fighter that I have EVER met. I wish him and his wife nothing but the best!!
3/26/09 3:17:45PM
It's cool to see this kind of thing. I wish Emily the best of luck in her career in the future. I can't wait for Spencer's next fight against Uno, either.
3/26/09 3:25:47PM
Wow,looks like Spencer married a hottie.Seems like she's a really nice person too,and enjoys his sport as well.He done good!

3/26/09 4:18:54PM
I think thats cool can't wait to see her fight.
3/26/09 4:25:11PM
I'm impressed by how some of these "part-time fighters" are able to balance fighting, personal, and professional lives outside of MMA. Sounds like Emily's following in the footsteps of probably the best example of this so far-Shane Carwin. He has a full-time day job and calls himself a part-time fighter too.
3/26/09 5:08:41PM
now if only brock could talk his wife into fighting...

could see lesnar v couture 2 after all
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