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9/5/08 10:03:13PM
9/5/08 10:20:31PM
This really sucks, first Thiago Silva pulls out of his fight with Machida, then Karo pulls out of his fight with Yoshida, and now WEC 36 (which was a great card) is pushed back 2 fricken months! I was really looking forward to this, seeing as I can't do anything else except lay around my house (really sick).
9/5/08 10:21:03PM
not cool
9/5/08 10:24:11PM
having a bit of bad luck lately.

but atleast everyone is still good to go on the WEC card and no one is injuried

-knocks on wood-
9/5/08 10:26:58PM

I was more excited about it then UFC 88

huh, oh well, it'll be great when it happens.
9/5/08 10:35:25PM
so what is the deal with postponed fights? do they refund? do they give you the same seats? i had tickets .......sp pissed
9/5/08 10:45:39PM
So now the strikeforce/cage rage card is the first event of the new secondary league season?
9/6/08 12:18:53AM
man that is fu*king garbage, I was so stoked for filho .
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