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5/29/14 11:30:53PM
It's a fight that fans have been clamoring for, and it will soon become reality, as Mark Hunt and Roy Nelson are expected to meet in the main event of UFC Fight Night in Japan.

5/29/14 11:33:45PM
Very nice! Been wanting to see this fight for some time now and it makes perfect sense!
Two of the heaviest hitters with granite chins, this should be good
5/29/14 11:46:00PM
I can dig that.
5/29/14 11:55:30PM
Nelson could be smart here and sub Hunt easily.
5/30/14 12:22:48AM
Hope this ain't 5 rounds
5/30/14 1:30:24AM
God I love this fight. It's gonna be a backburner of a fight.
5/30/14 1:35:53AM

Posted by Goatenstein

Nelson could be smart here and sub Hunt easily.

The last time I even remember him going for a takedown was against Kimbo back on TUF.
5/30/14 1:36:50AM
I hope they throw away caution and give it a good old fashioned slobber knocker for even just 1 minute.
5/30/14 1:38:05AM

Posted by prozacnation1978

Hope this ain't 5 rounds

why? have you forgotten bigfoot vs hunt
5/30/14 2:00:02AM
Man if even Roy just waits til the 2nd rd to take it to the ground Hunt has a chance. He just needd to box carefully and tire Roy out and then pounce later. If its a slugfest I got Hunt, but like it was said all Roy needs to do is take him down early.
5/30/14 10:08:24AM
My head just exploded!!!!!
5/30/14 2:24:18PM
Nelson will gas after the first round AS ALWAYS and will become a punching bag for the remainder of the fight.

Hopefully Hunt KO's him early so we don't have to see Nelson trudge around for 2-3 rounds.
5/30/14 6:05:27PM
oh hell yeah!
5/30/14 7:10:43PM
Awesome that they are doing this in Japan. Buffer better announce him as MARKA HUNTO!
5/30/14 7:43:11PM
Nelson taking down Hunt is going to be hard, considering his low center of gravity is essentially all of his wrestling.

Hunt v. Nelson: The two hardest hitting, toughest chinned, shortest, & fattest in the HW division.
5/30/14 10:32:24PM
i have a feeling Roy will try to play it safe here.
5/31/14 9:30:27AM
I think Hunt will find a way to win this one. I trust his cardio a bit more than Nelson these days, although that'll be irrelevant if somebody gets knocked out early. As great as both these guys chins are, I think the power/age factors might result in an earlier-than-expected KO.