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7/9/09 8:36:56AM
As we get closer and closer to UFC 100, 411mania’s Adam Tool takes a look back at the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and picks out the winners of some very special awards. The Hundies recognize winners of the Most Satisfying Knockout, the Worst Flying Knee Attempt, Best Entrance, Weirdest Pre-Fight Ritual, and more!

Most Ironic Finish: Gabriel Gonzaga

When Gabriel Gonzaga was scheduled to face Mirko Cro Cop in the main event at UFC 70, plenty of people assumed that the fight would be ended by a head kick knockout. What nobody could've predicted though, was that it would be Cro Cop on the receiving end.

7/9/09 9:34:40AM
good read
7/9/09 10:51:02AM
This is a pretty weak list. And how can Genki Sudo not win best ring entrance???
7/9/09 10:56:14AM
There will never be a list made that everyone agrees with. Take it for what it's worth.
7/9/09 2:11:36PM
Haha awesome!!
7/9/09 5:32:32PM
great read i think jason miller has better entrances tho
7/9/09 10:25:29PM
is Akihiro gono the only man in ufc histroy to have to remove his dress before entering the cage?


incase anyone was curious what inspired this entrance


it takes real balls to walk down to fight john fitch in a dress.
7/9/09 11:29:59PM
i gotta say ufc 100 has some great fights, but i am really looking forward to the buffer 360'. i will prolly crap my pants if he actually does it. if you don't know about it youtube it.
7/10/09 3:10:26AM
Wackiest Celebrity (Near) Sighting: Michael Jackson

While plenty of celebrities have attended UFC events, there was one that flew under the radar. Mostly because nobody knew he was there. The late Michael Jackson was in attendance for UFC 84, although he was never shown during the broadcast. This was likely due to the fact that he was dressed like a Muslim woman, as the King of Pop was known for rarely showing his face in public during his later years (most likely because it was falling apart).

Screwing Up The Easiest Part Of Your Job Award: Dan Miragliotta

In the annuls of bad referees, Dan Miragliotta has a special place right alongside Steve Mazzagatti. While both referees have made plenty of questionable calls in the past, there's one part of the job that's pretty tough to mess up. When a fight goes to a decision the referee simply needs to raise the arm of the fighter that is announced as the winner. At UFC 85 when Paul Taylor faced Jess Liaudin, even this simple task was too much for Miragliotta.

Funny list.
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