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7/16/09 8:44:41AM
When EliteXC was in the MMA business, its president, Gary Shaw, had no qualms calling Kimbo Slice the company's "franchise player," comparing his aura to that of Mike Tyson and anointing him as an MMA great. Meanwhile, on the other side of promoter hyperbole, UFC President Dana White would rip EliteXC for its "freakshow" promotion of Slice, and throw an occasional jab at the man himself, saying at one point, "Kimbo Slice would get murdered in the UFC."

But when EliteXC closed up shop and Slice needed a new place to ply his trade, people started asking White if Kimbo could possibly find a home in the octagon. White responded that the only way for Slice to join the UFC was by going on The Ultimate Fighter. Slice called his bluff, and as a result, the UFC and broadcast partner Spike TV are privately expecting the largest ratings in the show's history.

7/16/09 9:54:21AM
Good on him. I hope he does well enough to say in the UFC.
7/16/09 1:01:40PM
I want to see how good Kimbo does. I think if he can learn some ground game and some technique, he could be pretty good. You can't go into every fight just trying to knock the guy's head off. I hope he does well enough to get in the UFC.
7/16/09 2:03:32PM
Kimbo slice of humble pie
7/16/09 3:21:58PM
i like kimbo he might not be the best technicaly but hes always entertaining and seems quite a respectful guy, i hope he does well on TUF i wish him best of luck
7/16/09 3:50:15PM
i think its gonna be a hell of a TUF season... Kimbo is all in all a street brawler and some of the fighters with the biggest fan base are just that. They are entertaining to watch and pretty inspirational for the average guy. Besides, we haven't heard of Kimbo since Petruzelli, who's to say that he hasnt been training like a madman for TUF 10??? I think hes got something to prove for Dana White's remarks!
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