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11/7/08 5:13:01PM
Anyone else seen this show yet? It doesn't actually premiere until Wednesday but iTunes has the premiere available for FREE for a limited time (probably until Tuesday). It's a new show on G4 featuring the Pumphrey brothers, mutliple-time champions in the art of competitive breaking objects, and now they put their brawn and brains to use destroying things for science and entertainment. An interesting side note is Craig Pumphrey is billed as a mixed martial artist (he has one pro fight, in late '97 he was TKO'd in round 1) and even does what he calls "Junkyard Jiu-Jitsu" on the premiere. If you're into this kind of stuff and 2 brothers who are just a much rivals and always taunting each other (think American Chopper) you'll like it. This show's got potential.

It's scheduled to air Wednesdays at 10:30 PM ET on G4. I already got the season pass from iTunes (I currently don't get G4).
11/7/08 5:36:57PM
11/8/08 12:54:05PM
I actually live in the same town as the Pumphrey brothers(Elizabeth, IN. pop. 400). I have met them a few times and they are really good guys. As for the show, I'm not all that interested.
11/20/08 8:54:26AM
Just watched the 2nd episode, it was awesome. The boys lived out the "rock star dream" by trashing a hotel room with a little help from the bassist from heavy metal band Danzig, complete with Paul getting to throw a TV out a window. I am so enjoying this show, it's uncivilized destruction for scientific demonstrations that prove man can destroy anything it makes.

Forgot to mention the MMA influence-at one point Craig tried to break an object with an axe kick. Failed.
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