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7/20/07 10:37:24PM
A great fighting show just started tonight on The History Channel called "Human Weapon".
I'm not sure when the normal shows come on, so check the History Channel's website.

I highly recommend it!
7/20/07 10:56:18PM
it doesnt show on the west coast until 10pm, i gotta record that shit.
7/20/07 11:27:30PM
Yeah this show is quite good. It takes Jason Chambers who is an MMA practitioner and another guy who I can't recall the name of, who is a wrestler and ex pro
American football player. The first episode they study the art of Muay Thai in both Thailand and Burma and face off against a professional Thai boxer.
7/20/07 11:36:25PM
i saw that when i was watching tapouT i didnt no it started recently
7/21/07 3:43:21PM
I've never heard of either of the two guys who star in it but their enthusiatic and its very interesting. Training with lemons hanging from trees which helps reflexes, learning all types of fighting, its def. worth checking out.
7/21/07 3:59:48PM
i watched the show , it was good just another way the mma world is getting to the world
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