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POLL: Worh Buying, Hogan Or Not?
Yes 13% (3)
No 48% (11)
If Hogan Comes Out To "Real American" 13% (3)
If Colton Toombs Comes Out To Bagpipes 4% (1)
If Hogan & Piper Run In And Go At It, Brotha! 13% (3)
Yes, Because I Like Cake 9% (2)
1/25/10 8:31:10AM
Might be worth buying the online PPV of the 2/4 Tachi Palace Fights event for-and it's a really good-looking card for just $10 with some former UFC & WEC fighters...

And to make it more interesting, Colton Toombs is the son of Rowdy Roddy Piper. And break out the 80s & 90s duds, Phil Collins is fighting too! Sucks that it's a Thursday event otherwise I likely would buy it. Maybe it'll be available on-demand later.

PS-they're streaming a FREE replay of Tachi Palace Fights 1 Sunday at 9 PM ET on at this URL:
1/25/10 4:28:34PM
A couple of recognizable names. But I wouldnt buy it because im cheap and I have class that night.

Hulk's nephew isnt fighting on the card though right?

Gabe Ruediger....
1/25/10 4:32:55PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Hulk's nephew isnt fighting on the card though right?

I was wondering the same thing. "Also Featuring" can be very misleading.
1/25/10 4:39:45PM
Im pretty sure he's fighting as well.

I would get it if I didnt have to work just for the Nam Phan vs De Jesus and the Robinson v Rudiger fight.

Issac and Dominique are both tough up and comers, with a tough matchup!
1/25/10 9:01:58PM
im also cheap and wont buy it, but i'll bet it will be an exciting card because all these up and comers have something to prove and need to make names for themselves.
1/25/10 11:21:20PM
De Jesus is fighting at 145lbs now? Damn, he was a pretty big 155er if i remember right, but i don't think he beats Nam Phan.
1/25/10 11:23:21PM
What!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! None of you are interested in buying this card for $10 bucks!??!?!?!?!?!??!?
1/25/10 11:47:05PM
Phil Collins
1/26/10 12:23:06AM
It's not that I am not willing to buy it, it's just that I am much more willing to catch that free stream. Other day after viewings are usually available as well. This is one of the many organizations (along with MFC, Bellator, PFC,etc.) that would do well to get some sort of small tv deal. Imagine if a decent Channel signed thre or more of these Orgs on for cable tv viewings....stock would increase dramatically overnight!
1/26/10 12:30:02AM
That's not a bad card. The winner of the Escovedo vs. Bedard fight may resurface in the WEC.

I would buy it in a slow month of UFCs, but two next month is enough for me.

David Bollea's already had his first professional fight. I might need to find it to see.
1/26/10 3:21:22AM

Here it is, looks like he was taking a decent beating before pulling the armbar.
1/26/10 6:29:56AM
If the card were on a Friday or Saturday night I'd buy it, any other night it starts too late for me (I have to get up very early to go to work). On paper this is a $25-30 show so $10 is a bit of a bargain.
1/26/10 8:34:56AM

Posted by DCRage

On paper this is a $25-30 show so $10 is a bit of a bargain.

Only if that paper is a $20 bill, in my opinion.
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