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8/27/11 11:40:33PM
ok so pound for pound of all time enthusiasts.... champion of all time enthusiasts... i understand some think hughes has the edge, but its untrue. okami isnt the deciding factor by a long shot... but anderson does it effortlessly, and i still think he has faced comparable if not not better comp in his division.
8/27/11 11:42:26PM
It's funny to think that Hughes and Silva almost fought back in the day...I don't think anyone believes that Hughes ranks above Anderson though.
8/27/11 11:52:55PM
Yeah I don't think that anyone is ranking Hughes above Silva in the P4P discussion, the only way things get interesting is if Silva retires years before GSP and GSP continues to dominate the WW division.

Other than that he will at least have the title for the foreseeable future, unless someone like Jones, Davis, or Cain/JDS winner can go on to dominate their respective divisions for 5 years, and even then it would still be close.
8/27/11 11:55:34PM
I'll take Matt huuuughes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8/29/11 8:40:58PM
Gotta go with silva.
But if they would have fought 8 or 9 years ago like they were suppose too
Hughes would mop the floor with him
9/1/11 1:26:58AM
To be honest P4P is kind of a joke.
How do we compare people from different divisions facing different talent
the way I see Silva has fought in 2 weight classes and has yet to lose making him number 1
GSP great fighter but hes my number 3
as I don't see him moping any of the 3 top middle weights and I may be wrong

Aldo is my 2 as I believe he can clean out feather weight and Lightweight if he made the move
but to me p4p is a waste of time because its an endless debate

now ask rawest talent and I would say Penn was
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