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7/7/07 2:10:46AM
personally, i think even though Matt Serra is the current champ,he is
still the underdog in the fight, Matt Hughes is a 9 time ufc champ, and
Serra is going for his first title defense, however i think that M.Serra is
very motivated after his GSP victory and he dosent really like Hughes,
they will develope a grudge on the TUF6 and its goin to lead up to
an exiting title fight.I think that Matt Serra is going to shock the world
yet again, he hits very hard, incredible bjj, and a great additude about
fighting, Hughes is very strong and forcefull with his takedowns but i dont
see too much improvement in his stand-up since the 2nd GSP fight, stylisticly
i think its a better fight for Serra and i dont think hughes is gonna have much luck shooting on Serra and if he does Serra will end it with a

I definatley think Matt Serra will win!!!!
7/7/07 2:42:29AM
Serra shoulden't have even got to fight GSP. Sure he upset him, it was a weird fluke of a trip/punch that rocked GSP. Serra's not as skilled as GSP, Hughes, Parysian, Kos, Diego, ummm Nick Diaz, who else is a WW? lol. In short I don't think he should have even got the title shot, sure that was the point of the show or whatever but hey i'm not dana. All in all we'll be seeing GSP vs. Hughes 3.
7/7/07 2:43:58AM
WHY would you post this when the fight is so far away?
7/7/07 2:55:33AM

Posted by hippysmacker

WHY would you post this when the fight is so far away?

Ahh, come on man. Give it a sticky and it will be all nice and pretty for next christmas...
7/7/07 3:01:50AM

Posted by ncordless

Posted by hippysmacker

WHY would you post this when the fight is so far away?

Ahh, come on man. Give it a sticky and it will be all nice and pretty for next christmas...

that's a good idea. Pinned -Psyche
7/7/07 1:10:52PM
I hate talking about this matchup due to all the Serra haters. I don't love the guy or like him really, but... he has an unbelievable ground game. He has numerous victories in ju-jitsu tournaments over big name guys. He beat Gomi for about 15 minutes flat, dominated him on the ground, and choked him out. He can make fights go the distance very easily and tire out opponents.

I think Hughes will have a tough time if Serra gets him into a ground battle. But I do think Hughes will be so hungry to get back into title contention, that he will win.
7/7/07 1:22:28PM
jeezus get over it already ... and matt by demolition

^^^ that was meant for the guy with the first reply
7/7/07 1:58:17PM
Surely shouldnt really be PINNED as it almost certainly wont be UFC 80, much more likely to be UFC 79 (as we know 77 will be Oct and prolly 78 in Nov)
7/7/07 2:08:43PM
Matt Serra will shock the world again and he will do the same way by tko in the first it will be very exciting
7/7/07 2:27:19PM

Posted by masodd

Matt Serra will shock the world again and he will do the same way by tko in the first it will be very exciting

would you please share whatever you are smoking?
7/7/07 2:46:28PM
Serra has a chance, no doubt. I think Hughes will be way too strong for him, neutralising the majority of Serras advantage on the ground.

Hughes by decision, but he will be trying real hard to end this fight.
7/7/07 3:09:16PM
Serra has a better chance vs Hughes than he did vs GSP IMO. But I fully expect Hughes to win this fight. Sure Serra has great BJJ but when hes in a mma fight its totally different. I don't see Hughes in any trouble if the fight hits the ground. Serra has some heavy hands but their over rated he hit GSP on a awkward spot which really helped him out.
7/7/07 4:35:37PM
Enough with discrediting Serra victory over GSP already. He won, whoopty doo.
Hughes will still get his title back, and they'll have the rubber match.
7/7/07 5:31:22PM
Even though I'm a Serra fan and I live and work right near him, my pick will probably wind up on Hughes by decision. Really though, if I never would have seen Serra vs GSP and you asked "who does Matt Serra have a better chance to beat?" I would have guessed that Matt Hughes before GSP. Also, this seems to be the year of crazy upsets, so I would not be surprised at all if Serra wound up beating Hughes. So, in a nutshell: picking Hughes, rooting for Serra.
7/7/07 11:29:08PM
I like Matt Serra But I think Matt Hughs will get his title back.

Sorry Masodd.
7/8/07 1:54:08AM
Serra by gogoplata

you heard it here!
7/8/07 2:53:05AM
I think Matt Hughes will own Serra with takedowns and brutal ground and pound, heck, I wouldn't be suprised if Hughes submits him with a arm bar or rear neck choke.
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7/8/07 3:09:38PM
Hughes, no problem.
7/8/07 3:10:13PM
i see Hughes taking this by GnP
7/8/07 8:00:39PM
hughes is so strong and so fit. matt serra would last 1 round in guard of hughes, until the 2nd where he gets thrown on his head. matt hughes is gonna win his belt back soon believe it.
7/8/07 8:13:01PM
I honestly dont see any way of Serra winning the battle of Matts here. Hughes is just so ridiculously strong its scary. His stand up is still pretty good and i think he's gonna take him down and pound out a decision. Serra may have a little advantage on the ground but as we saw in the Sherk v Franca fight when the other guy is so much stronger then you he can control much of the fight.
7/8/07 11:10:56PM
There would be nothing better than Serra retaining his title but I can't really see him beating Hughes.
Everyone says Serra has great BJJ but so does Royce and BJ right?
I think the Hughes/Serra fight could be somewhat a mirror of Sherk/Franca I think Hughes will win by Decision. Serra doesn't get stopped easily and I think his ground game is good enough to avoid a terrible amount of damage.
If Serra does end up losing to Matt Hughes I hope he decides to move down to 155 and compete there. I believe Matt Serra to be a contender in the LW division and there are some good match ups for him there as opposed to the beyond stacked WW division.
7/8/07 11:34:35PM
matt hughes will win by UD keeping serra on the ground
7/10/07 12:01:03AM
Hughes by LNP. Just like he pulled on Lytle. I hope they stand so Serra can knock him out and the camera cuts to GSP laughing in the audience
7/10/07 1:33:24AM
I don't know if I would pick Serra, but I definitely wouldn't count him out of this fight. You have to watch every fight Serra was in in the UFC to trully get an idea of the fighter he is. Everyone looks at the 6-4 record and is unimpressed with Matt. Well if you watch the fights, and look at who he lossed to you might get another opion. He lost an incredibly close match to BJ. Was over powered, but not finished in his first fight at 170lbs to Karro. Those are two top 5 fighters at 170lbs in the world who not only couldn't finish Matt, but narrowly defeated him. Then there is the Din Thomas loss. Din is a very good fighter, and words can't even explain the out come of that fight. Matt won in the ring, but then lost in the locker room. Huh???? Again a very close fight.

My point is Matt has always competed at the top of the food chain in MMA and grappling. No one has made him look foolish, and only one man has stopped him. Now after a long lay off before and after the TUF show, he has a much improved stand up game. Matt may win, but he will know he was in war.
7/10/07 3:24:17AM
Hughes is going to win Serra got lucky vs gsp.Kos would handle him easy!
7/10/07 10:21:34AM
ORLY kbogarto? Who would guess that??? Anyway I see first round being very slow, hughes controlling him on the ground, not making much progress but the ref won't stand them up because its matt hughes, and you can't stand him up because hes better in that position, and more well liked anyway. Second round will be similar, but with some bigger shots landed from hughs while in Serras half gaurd. At the very end of round 2 Serra will stand up and attempt to take Hughes down. His shot will be stuff and hughes will attempt a gullotine, but quickly have to switch to a kimura when serras head pops out. Round 3 will be more gnp from Hughes, but the fight will be stopped 30 seconds early due to a small cut above Serras eye.
7/10/07 10:57:53AM
i think hughes will overpower serra and take him down with a big slam and g n p him for a 1st or 2nd rd win

although i'd love to see serra knock hughes out
7/10/07 12:50:31PM
Serra will be trying to knock hughes out and hughes will be trying to take him down I wont be suprised if serra stuffs the take down gets in full mount and pounds him out , BUT I can also see hughes taking him down finding somewhere in position and feeding strikes to serra's face.

It's gonna be a real good fight. I can't wait to see it.
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