when will hughes fight again?? against who?? how many fights left??

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3/20/08 8:00:37PM
i am a big matt hughes fan, always have been. would pick him to beat anyone in division besides gsp. it did sting a little when I clicked that button to pick gsp instead of him but the sting wnet away when i won alot of money on gsp. anyways i know he will be retiring soon, i think probably at the end of this year. i also think he might have 2 fights left in him but i really don't know how many are left on his contract. i also know i want serra to lose not only the belt but also cause hughes would fight him next. but should he wait to fight serra which would be maybe aug or sept at earliest or take a fight now and go out with a bang at fight serra in dec in vegas.. i still think that hughes should shut kos up and take the fight as well. i am hoping he fights in july in vegas so i can see him probably for the last time, vs kos would be nice.. it will be sad to see him go, but i think the ufc should induct him when he retires into the ufc immediately not years later
3/20/08 8:38:08PM
It mostly depends on the outcome of the Serra/GSP fight, if GSP wins (most likely scenario) than Matt hughes will look to get that fight since they have unfinished business since TUF after that Fight i think he retires. he has said multiple times he doesnt have many fights left in him, so i doubt we will see him after that fight.
3/20/08 10:58:11PM
wellhe will never beat GSP again so he will never hold a title again and if Serra wins then I say Hughes vs Finch for a title shot
3/21/08 5:26:45AM
I think it's Matt Serra and out for Hughes. He seems to lack the desire that he once had and i think he realizes that if GSP becomes champ that he really has no shot of being a champ again.
3/21/08 6:17:42AM
dosnt really matter, kos, fitch, karo, condit and most top 10s will beat'em
3/21/08 8:47:43AM
Hughes was a great fighter, and I still support him no matter what. But I think he should hope for Serra, take that fight if he can get it, and then bow out gracefully if he should win.
3/21/08 10:09:47AM
Hughes just knows the competition is alot tougher than what it was during his "surpreme reign" and he has admitted he doesnt like losing, if he doesnt need the money badly i dont blame him for bowing out and effectively ducking guys like -

Karo (tho they should fight since they were sposed too)

Fitch (Matt could beat him i think)

Kos (who i wanna see him fight cos ive always thought he would lose to Kos)

Diego (they had a slight war of words way back when so would be good to see)

The fact is there are LOADS of good fights for Hughes and he is still easily physically capable, imo he is scared of losing to these guys cos he knows they are better than the Newtons and Castillos he defended against which made him this perceieved best champion ever

IF he doesnt fight Serra then he is the biggest copout p****y ever!!! imo
3/21/08 10:18:29AM
If GSP wins, he will LNP Serra. If Serra wins, he could fight Kos and Kos could send him into retirement brutally.

I say two fights at the most since in one he'll face the UFC new blood and get destroyed IMO and go into retirement.
3/21/08 12:41:59PM
Matt Hughes is kinda like Rich Franklin, he can beat most of everyone else except the title holder. Matt Hughes is still a really good fighter, and I am sure he has more fights in him then what he leads to believe. I think he really says that crap just to have an excuse if he does lose. I am not much of a fan, but it is pretty easy to see that.
3/21/08 11:30:13PM
I have always kina wanted to see Karo fight Hughes. I think it would be an epic grappling/GnP match. One for the ages and could be Hughes return fight after karo is finished with Alves
3/22/08 1:34:51AM
i thought GSP choked Matt Hughes so hard that he considered giving up fighting and becoming an Author. To sell more of his books????
3/22/08 1:36:56AM
well it wasnt a choke it was a weird looking arm bar
3/22/08 3:34:03AM
Well I know Matt says he only has few more fights left but all fighters start saying that at one time or another and keep fighting. Randy is a good example of this. I think he will take some time off but I think he will be around for a long time. The guy hasn't fought for money in a long time. He got lucky and his investors did him right with his money and now he has no worriers. He also owns a very profitable farm. I also think he can still beat a lot of the top fighters at WW. The only person I don't think he can beat is GSP and thats because GSP is on another level than everyone right now. But everyone else in the top ten I think he could beat. I think KOS and Fitch would give him a run for his money and would be a 50/50 kind of thing. But everyone else I think he could be hands down. Like Diego I think the fight would go the same for him as the Fitch fight did and even more so as I think Matt is stronger than Fitch.
3/22/08 4:06:22AM
I have a feeling it will be serra and then he'll be out.

Maybe in the future he'll come back and fight someone is top ten now but will have elevated onto a higher level since his absence, possibly someone who gives GSP troubles.
3/22/08 12:03:28PM
he will fight , retire.. then a year or so down the road if the welterweights need a guy to come in ala randy i think he would come and get a immediately get a title shot.
3/22/08 12:44:55PM
would be cool to see him again. It depends on the GSP Vs Serra Fight
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