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10/9/08 12:27:49AM
Hey all just found out a potentially great fight with some serious featherweight title implications was added to the December 3rd WEC37 card. Shooto badass Akitoshi Tamura and IFL standout Wagney Fabiano have agreed to face off in a fight that could determine the next challenger to WEC's featherweight title.

A lot of the Shooto guys coming over are really having to relearn some things, the unified ruleset and cage being totally foreign to a lot of them. That said, Tamura is a stud and could have a great showing here. I don't know how used Fabiano is to the cage but his game has improved and expanded tons recently and the guy is aces on the ground.

Tamura is slick as and for sure has a shot, but on paper I think Wagney takes this one and really showcases his overall MMA skills on the way to huge win and possible title shot for 2009.

What does everyone else think about this one?
10/9/08 11:31:13AM
Wow, awesome fight. I hope this is televised.

I love that the WEC is signing Japanese fighters below 155 because thats where most of the talent is.

They are both good grapplers but Fabiano showed how dangerous of a striker he was in his last match with Lierley. If you havent seen that fight, go watch it now.

My pick is Fabiano by Rd 2 KO.
10/14/08 11:50:56AM
props to WEC for signin featherweight and lower...
10/14/08 7:48:51PM
I'm picking Fabiano to win and then challenge Faber, I have no clue who would win that fight.
10/15/08 6:01:06PM
Tamura by ud
10/16/08 1:25:37AM
Fabiano F T W
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