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POLL: Roger "El Matador" Huerta vs Joe "Daddy" Stevenson
Huerta by KO/TKO 9% (3)
Stevenson by KO/TKO 15% (5)
Huerta by submission 0% (0)
Stevenson by submission 61% (20)
Huerta by decision 12% (4)
Stevenson by decision 3% (1)
7/5/07 11:11:10PM
It seems like Huerta's becoming the poster boy for UFC, not only since being on the cover, but because he's a good looking, well rounded fighter whose done pretty well thus far. I hear a lot of people rating him in their top 10 LW's already and see him as an immediate contender.

With that being said, Joe Stevenson has faced equally if not stiffer competition and fared rather well, and in my opinion, I think is in much more of a contender position than Huerta, in fact I think if the two ever squared off, Stevenson would dominate him with relative ease.
7/5/07 11:42:10PM
This is going to be interesting to see if stevenson will get the next title shot if he wins his fight. or if roger and joe will fight to see who gets the title shot.
7/5/07 11:53:24PM
Stevenson has the advantage on the ground and Huerta has better hands. It would be a war, both have good gas tanks, fast paced, and it would be an awesome fight. I think Stevenson by decision.
7/5/07 11:53:33PM
I'll take Stevenson, his ground game is among the elite in MMA.
7/6/07 12:14:19AM
Stevenson is very good on the ground and i think we would see him take down Roger very easy. Huerta got taken down by his opponent at The Ultimate Fighter Finale and i think he would be in a world or trouble. He would have no answer for the ruthless GnP by Joe and would be leaving the Cage no longer the pretty face and poster boy for the UFC. It would be a clear cut fight in which i believe we would get the better man which would be "Daddy".
7/6/07 12:20:43AM
yea i say stevonson by t/ko. look at what he did with edwards and edwards was able to strike just as good if not better than huerta.
7/6/07 12:44:13AM
Stevenson would submit huerta on the ground.
7/6/07 4:07:41AM
this is a fight that would be more predictable then most. since they obviously start standing the would definately exchange a few shots here and there but joe will probably take things to the ground were he should have his way with huerta. joe by rnc in the 1st.
7/6/07 4:12:37AM
there should be a "stevenson by demolition" option, because I truthfully don't see huerta standing a chance against a wrestler as strong as joe. He's good all around but he's not excellent at anything, and his biggest weakness seems to be being on the bottom, which is where he will be against joe.
7/6/07 6:40:13AM
After his fight with Evans, I don't think Huerta would stand much of a chance against Stevenson. Joe is more experienced, and with each fight he keeps getting better. If there aren't any immediate challengers for the Lightweight title after Sherk wins/loses, or Franca wins/loses the title, then Stevenson would most likely get the nod, over Huerta, who needs more challenging opponents to make himself a better fighter. Sherk is a Champion of the now, whereas Huerta is a champion of the future, so they'll probably look to keep guys like Stevenson away from Huerta, so that they can build Huerta. Stevenson I believe would give Sherk a great deal of trouble for a couple rounds before Sherk would knock him out, but Huerta is much harder to knock out, but easier to submit than Stevenson.

My point is, Stevenson will at this point in their careers win the fight, but Stevenson will not win the title, where as with experience Huerta's potential could increase to the point where he could win the title. I do expect before the end of 09' to see the title around Huerta's waist at least once (he doesn't need to still be holding it at the end of 09', just to have held it.)
7/6/07 10:14:28AM
i think stevenson would take this by submission, he'd just be too strong for huerta, i think stevenson is the best contender for sherks belt in the lw division
7/6/07 1:59:07PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

This is going to be interesting to see if stevenson will get the next title shot if he wins his fight. or if roger and joe will fight to see who gets the title shot.

Tell you the truth if UFC was smart, if Joe wins and KenFlo wins you pit both of them against one another and whoever wins that gets the Lightweight champion.

Kenny Florian is a better fighter than Roger Huerta and so is Joe Daddy, I think Roger still has alot of learning to do, and if he fought either of these two fighters, I think Roger would lose, Joe Daddy would overpower Roger (Doug Evans did) and then make Roger tap.

They are going to baby Roger into a bigger more popular UFC fighter then give him a hard fight.

Don't get me wrong though Roger is a good fighter, I just need to see him face some better talent, possibly Tyson Griffin.
7/6/07 2:11:18PM
I think Stevenson takes this kinda easy.
7/6/07 3:16:01PM
Stevenson by head n arm chock... late in the 1st
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