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9/23/07 2:48:34AM
This fight was just passed from Josh Gross to Jordan Breen on the Beatdown.

This should be a great fight!
9/23/07 3:21:31AM
this fight would be crazier than both griffin-guida and huerta-garcia.
roger is slightly better striking and guida is slightly better wrestling i think.
im a huge huerta fan so id have to pick him for this one probably by split decision
9/23/07 8:57:57AM
I say Clay by split...if he can control Huerta like Doug Evans did I think he can get the decision
9/23/07 11:02:51AM
Can't wait to see this fight. Finally Huerta is gonna get a real test. This one will definately go down to a decision. Should be an exciting back and forth fight. I think Huerta is gonna lose by decision. Guida is just relentless. Should go down something like the Griffin Tavares fight.
9/23/07 11:04:43AM
If this goes the distance then I gurantee Huerta wins because just like Tyson Griffin Huerta is being overhyped by UFC....
9/23/07 12:02:04PM
awesome, i gotta go with guida, he is less athletic but he is more polished, this one will be fought at a crazy pace.
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