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2/26/12 3:01:10PM
After last night's FOTN between Henderson and Edgar I decided to go back and watch some of my favorite LW fights. I remembered how great Huerta vs. Guida was, but I forgot all about the shot from Guida which almost put Huerta out cold.

Huerta went on to win by rear naked choke, but the shot Guida landed was naaasty.
2/26/12 4:34:16PM
One of my top 5 fights of that year.
2/26/12 4:56:42PM
Instant Classic
2/26/12 6:02:48PM
It's no secret that Guida is one of my absolute favorites. Huge heart, can take a beating and always puts on a good fight. That shot was brutal, Guida always seems to be on that tipping point between good and great and has come up short a few times but is always a challenge at LW.
2/27/12 12:16:36PM
That was a classic fight....boy did Huerta fall off the face of the planet.
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