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POLL: Who wins ......flat out who wins?
Florian 48% (33)
Huerta 52% (36)
5/13/08 9:58:01PM
This fight is giving me the most trouble out of any fight i can remember. I want to give it to Huerta because of his size and his standup. But Kenny is so well rounded ?????? I am at a loss what do you guys think?
5/13/08 10:01:44PM
i think huerta is going to win and dominate, but thats just me. im also more of a fan of huerta than florian too just to add that.
5/13/08 10:02:15PM
The rule to remember is the 3F Rule.

Florian Finishes Fights.
5/13/08 10:03:40PM
i think huerta is to exposive for kenny, and will end up driving right through him and finishing him tko 2rd.
5/13/08 10:10:52PM
Florian has always been I fighter I want to dislike, but he just won't give me a reason to. Florian's game is getting better everytime i see him and I think he will completely outclass Huerta, who has never faced an opponent of Kenflo's caliber.

Florian TKO stoppage rnd 2.
5/13/08 10:16:05PM

Posted by ncordless

Florian's game is getting better everytime i see him and I think he will completely outclass Huerta, who has never faced an opponent of Kenflo's caliber.


Yea, huerta was getting bullied in that fight though.
5/13/08 10:36:06PM
This is gonna be a very sick fight with a lot of non-stop action. But Florian is going to wipe the floor with him and dominate him. He's better in every aspect of MMA except probably wrestling but Kenny's a BJJ Black belt. It will just be sick watching Kenny pick him apart and Huerta go down swinging like a true fighter with heart. Just Huerta is not as great as he could be yet.

If he actually developed I would pick him here but he just hasn't. He's been facing one dimensional bums pretty much until he finally tested himself against Guida but was still taking a beating until he caught a break and caught Guida. If he developed like Nate Diaz fighting better fighters each time and then faced Florian, I could really see him posing a threat with his wrestling. But he hasn't developed and is getting thrown to the wolves now. This man's going to catch a beating but is going to look like Rocky doing it!!! Much respect. He will definitely become one of my favorites if he goes down swinging and goes the distance!!!

Kenny 2nd round submission!!!
5/13/08 10:38:34PM
After watching Guida up 20-18 on Huerta after 2 rounds its hard for me to pick him against Florian regardless of having finished Guida in the 3rd.

I don't know that Florian will finish this fight but I have him taking it.
5/13/08 10:55:11PM
Huerta will be too strong for Floian to handle.
5/13/08 11:03:03PM
Huerta was almost finished in his last fight against Guida, and with how much Florian has improved i think he is much better than Guida. Florian has a better submission game and always improving stand up from training with Delagrotte. I see Florian taking this by RD 2 TKO
5/13/08 11:04:59PM
I'm going to have to go with Florian in this fight. I really like both fighters but Huerta hasn't really fought anyone except for Guida. We all have to remember also that Kenny finishes fights! But so does! All in all I can't wait for this matchup.
5/13/08 11:07:07PM
Im going to go with ken flo. All thats making this fight difficult for me to commit on is the fact huerta is going to be so much stronger, and if he really wants to win he might just abandon his usual exciting style and just pin kenny down for 3 rounds. If he comes out swinging though i think kenny will just pick him apart and either finish him in the 3rd or get a ud.
5/14/08 12:06:57AM
Thing is i think that the only way that Huerta wins is by keeping it on the feet and brutalizing ken-Flo. If it goes to the ground he(huerta) is screwed. Kenny is to dangerous off his back let alone in your guard throwing his pattened elbows. I'm going kenny 2nd round TKO
5/14/08 12:13:51AM
I think Huerta is going to pull an upset and here is why I think he will.

- I believe Huerta has the better overall striking; he has a lot of power and a great chin
- I was surprised how Guida, a strong wrestler, had great difficulties in holding Huerta down
- Kenny is not know for his wrestling and while his jitz is great, Huerta has also shown some great submission defence
- Huerta is now training with Greg Jackson and his camp are full of great wrestlers

I believe Huerta is going to sprawl and brawl in his fight against Kenny. As seen in Florian's fight with Din Thomas, his boxing is not as great as his kicks are. Of course, I won't be surprised if Florian won, but I smell an upset.
5/14/08 12:17:07AM

Posted by MMA

- Huerta is now training with Greg Jackson and his camp are full of great wrestlers

You make a good point; even GSP is helping him train for this one.
5/14/08 2:22:57AM
Kenny by sub in the third round. This is definitely not going to be a short fight, it's going the distance.
5/14/08 4:48:31AM
Huerta 2nd round KO, easy pick
5/14/08 8:55:19AM
Florian over Huerta.
5/14/08 9:39:58AM
huerta no doubt
5/14/08 10:30:11AM
This matchup will be decided more by individual fighting style than overall strength, Florian will take it.
5/14/08 12:20:41PM
Roger Huerta has champion written all over him. I dont see him beating BJ Penn ever because I dont see anyone beating him. But BJ will eventually get bored and move on as he always does and then I think Roger will take up the strap for awhile.

I think he will be the stonger fighter in this bout and put kenny on his back. The standup will be interesting to see, I really cant wait for this one.

I'm picking Huerta by 2nd round tko
5/14/08 12:37:57PM
After my vote Huerta is up by ONE vote. This is probably the closest voting I've seen in a LONG LONG time on here. To me that means that the fans overall think this fight is going to be sick, I cannot wait.
5/14/08 3:58:48PM
I think Kenny will win this one. Guida showed some huge holes in Huerta's game. I think Kenny is a all around better fighter.
5/14/08 11:43:30PM
i like huerta but florian will win
5/15/08 12:15:53PM
Kenflo will open him up with the elbows then choke him out R2
5/15/08 12:57:25PM
5/15/08 12:57:32PM
If Huerta can miraculously work on his takedown defense(which i doubt will be too much better) then he can pull out a win. But i think Florian can get in close and trip Huerta and as soon as the fight hits the mat then Florian has a very distinct advantage and should be able to pull out the sub win. So im betting Florian rd 2 submission
5/15/08 1:19:06PM
Huerta by a decision. This is one fighter Kenflo won't be able to finish.
5/15/08 3:49:27PM
Huerta is back up now 28-27, just like the poll it really is hard to figure whos going to come out on top. I like both fighters. But I think I would have to go with Huerta in this one. Just my penny and a half. (with gas prices I cant afford to give two cents)
5/15/08 5:02:56PM
+1 more to huerta. i dont see florian submitting huerta (if doug evans can't, florian can't). huertas going to GNP this one out.
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