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4/27/08 11:23:11PM
It seems as if this fight is still in the air, but will you be excited to see this fight?

I think it will be a definite test to see who is #1 contender in LW division......
4/27/08 11:31:12PM
Yeah I hope they make it happen. Florian via tko round 2. I don't see any area where huerta can dominate. Florian's leg kicks vs Lauzon were powerfull.

4/27/08 11:31:38PM

Im a huge Huerta fan but Kenflo will break him down and most likely make him TAP
4/27/08 11:37:04PM
I could never imagine Huerta to tap, his heart and drive are would have to be a deeeep sub to get him to tap...
4/27/08 11:51:00PM
not just because I am a fan...but I think Huerta would take a decision by being quicker and better in a scarmble..where I think a lot of this fight will be determined
4/28/08 12:15:17AM
i would like to see the fight. i think the winner will be the number one contender. i would want huerta to win. but i think he can only win if he keeps the pace fast and makes the fight a sloppy scramble fight. florian seems to be a counter break you down intelligent striker. and his ground game is good.
4/28/08 12:17:29AM
the fight needs to happen. let's see it a find out who's next in line.
4/28/08 12:32:59AM
This fight should and I think will happen. Huerta has a lot of buzz going on about him and Florian is improving every fight. This will be a tough fight. Not sure who I would like in this one.
4/28/08 12:34:03AM

Posted by jimmypockets

Yeah I hope they make it happen. Florian via tko round 2. I don't see any area where huerta can dominate. Florian's leg kicks vs Lauzon were powerfull.

4/28/08 12:41:53AM
That shouldnt even be a question. This will be a great fight and is a perfect one for the lightweight contender fight. Ken Flo needs one more fight to get a deserved shot at the title again (seems like hes a much more improved fighter now) and Huerta still needs to prove he's legit as he only has a win over Guida.

Both guys have a lot to prove and a big reward for the win. Cant wait.
4/28/08 1:27:00AM
i think it'd be a hell of a fight. yes i wanna see it
4/28/08 1:29:58AM
It would be a good fight but I dont think either guy can hang with Sherk or BJ.
4/28/08 12:08:52PM
I think it would be a war. I would choose KenFlo, but im not sure how, but it would be with in the distance.

Every time I see Ken flo fight he impresses. He is awsome and probably the third best in the division behind BJ and Sherk.
4/28/08 1:31:10PM
this is actually on the top 3 gotta see list... itd be a very exciting fight with waht i belive to be its techinical moments too
4/28/08 1:36:47PM
Dont get me wrong kenny has great JJ all the way around, but hes to slow in my eyes for him to keep huerta under control.He could if he caught him slippin but i dont see it happening
4/28/08 1:49:14PM
Ken Florian is gonna muff him up....
4/28/08 1:49:35PM
LETS GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!
4/29/08 6:58:54PM
i like both fighters but i can t see huerta fight unless he just uses wresling to get him down, kenflo scrambles up then huerta takes him down again. except for that i think kenflo will win it by tko in the 3rd
4/30/08 4:37:47AM
A must see. So i hope the ufc makes it happen. I like both guys Hueirta more so than florian but I think Florian will win just because Huerta's performance versus guida was noit that good and kenflo would not give up his back the way guida did (try and remember how close guida was to finishin that fight in the 2nd). regardles neither guy will be able to hang in there with sherk or bj
4/30/08 8:56:32AM
Id much rather see Gray Maynard vs Huerta and Florian vs Stevenson
4/30/08 10:04:56AM
i dont think Florian could pull off a win over Huerta.... Huerta is way faster and i see Huerta with his hand raised at the end of round 2 via submission
5/2/08 12:44:59AM
This is gonna be a very sick fight with a lot of non-stop action. But Florian is going to wipe the floor with him and dominate him. He's better in every aspect of MMA except probably wrestling but Kenny's a BJJ Black belt. It will just be sick watching Kenny pick him apart and Huerta go down swinging like a true fighter with heart.

Kenny 2nd round submission!!!
5/2/08 11:03:38AM
There is really nothing that Huerta does better than Kenny. Not even toughness. Kenny has proven how tough he is. Now I love watching Huerta fight as much as the next guy, but Florian will expose him for the sloppy fighter he is. Florian R2 Sub.
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