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10/23/10 11:27:29AM
Wow! If this fight was a bit more competitive, I think it would have easily become fight of the year. Alvarez looked absolutely phenomenal running through one of the top guys in the division, and Huerta showed the heart we have all grown to appreciate. This was a wicked entertaining bout! I think Alvarez easily is in the top 3 of the division after this bout, if not #1.
10/23/10 11:40:11AM
I disagree I don't think Eddie is even top 5 in the light weight division. but he did look amazing in destroying Roger nonetheless.
10/23/10 12:16:50PM
roger is better against bigger guys... who hit women.... in bar parkinglots.....

dont get too hype on huerta- Guida owned him for most of a 3 rd fight...

and Guida is not not top 10
( I really hug Guida BTW.)
10/23/10 12:53:59PM
Yeah if Huerta didnt get so damaged by those leg kicks we could have seen a longer war.

Huerta can take a shot though!
10/23/10 6:20:11PM
Don't get me wrong, I like Huerta, but there is no way he's near the top of the division. I'd say he's somewhere around top 15 at this point in time. As for Alvarez, he isn't overhyped, it's just that he's fighting guys that can't bring out the best of his abilities. Alvarez .vs. Melendez needs to happen soon. But for now, I'm fine with watching Alvarez .vs Curran.
10/23/10 7:34:20PM
I have him ranked #7, mainly due to a loss against Aoki and his performances haven't been against the highest quality fighters out ther....he fights top notch guys for sure (Huerta being one of them!) but not high enough for me to place him in the top 5 spot.
10/24/10 1:08:52AM
I rank him higher than most apparently, because I have never seen anyone dominate Roger Huerta in that fashion.
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