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5/4/07 9:29:59PM
Can we expect a turn around in boxing? I think not
5/5/07 1:06:34AM
I'll admit I only read like the first 1/2 of the article, but it looked like a realistic but dismal look from a boxing fans point of view. I don't think, no matter how big the ppv buy is) this can "save" boxing. I was lowering in viewership slowly for a generation before our time came. MMA doesn't need to see this as a vs. situation. It isn't. A boxing press that is afraid for their jobs are the only one's who make that an issue. They are both combat sports, but it's like comparing sport Judo to K1 kick boxing or ADCC grappling to muay thai, they're apples and oranges. They are trying ot make arguments that appeal to an old uneducated audience. The excitement level is the reason that the popular sway is going our way. We've finally, IMO, reached a good medium between allowin it to be too watered down or too boring w/ grappling or too brutal w/ the original lack of ref stops. I think this may be a peak in the "greatness" of the sport, tho I'm hopin I'm wrong and it just gets better every year til my kids look @ Fedor and say "well he was good, but what if he faced..... ? Purists will always watch the pure versions of the sports. We all know this isn't "pure" it's Mixed Martial Arts (w/ the emphasis on the mixed)
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