Houston Alexander vs Tim Boetsch

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POLL: Result...
Tim KO/TKO 69% (29)
Tim Sub 5% (2)
Tim a la Parisyan 2% (1)
Houston KO/TKO 21% (9)
Houston Sub 0% (0)
Houston a la Parisyan 2% (1)
9/17/08 3:46:02PM

I dont see any reason for this not to happen if Houston beat Schafer tonight. These two went to the UFC with impressive KO debuts and a match between them should draw some attention. This could be a prelim header or even 5th fight for a PPV card.

I see a 2nd round KO but cant decide from which fighter, hopefully Tim.

How you guys think this will go?
9/17/08 3:48:21PM
It's hard to say...it mainly depends on Tim's gameplan. He likes to stand and trade, but if he utilized all of his skills, I say he'd beat Houston hands down.
9/17/08 3:50:03PM
Do not bet on this fight. But I am taking clearly Tim. He has more ways to win, and I think is more accurate with his strikes. This would be an exciting fight.
9/17/08 4:57:55PM
I dont think tim would survive long, if houston just goes in guns blazing. Houston would be faster and hit stronger, then if the fight went to the later rounds would have better cardio.
9/17/08 6:43:56PM
Houston better hope he makes it outta this fight with ravashing red. As for Boestch, Tim would smash Houston hands down in my opinion. It would be another big first round knockout and Houston would be doing one of 2 things either tasting the mat or checking out the ceiling lights!
9/17/08 7:18:45PM
Id say tim would win by tko
9/17/08 7:36:07PM
Tim would take this one by savage caveman toss.
9/18/08 9:22:24AM
Tim would have to lose his next fight to have any hopes of actually seeing this fight because of houstons loss to schaefer.
9/18/08 10:35:37AM
A la Parisyan? So is he going to throw Alexander like he did against Heath or do you mean decision?
9/18/08 6:52:47PM
9/18/08 9:52:18PM
Tim by barbarian trow
9/19/08 10:19:54AM
Even though Boetsch isn't known for his ground game, he could still take Houston down and win easily.

Houston Alexander is abyssmal on the ground. He's absolutely awful. Eric Schafer could basically pick any position he wanted and take it.

I could beat Alexander on the ground, just by squeezing his head for a few seconds.
9/19/08 11:53:16AM
I don't see this fight happening. Even if it did Tim would dominate
9/20/08 10:01:17PM
Man, this could be one of the most hilarious fights ever. Just because you know someone will get their head taken off.

Tim 1st round GNP.
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