Houston Alexander tests the power of adrenaline on ‘Sport Science’ (Video)

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3/30/09 4:49:39PM
The results are shocking! Defiantly worth a watch if you have a spare ten mins...

3/30/09 5:42:00PM
He better hope that doesn't show up on his next drug test. lol.
3/30/09 6:32:14PM
Pretty cool vid

Rampage hits just less than twice as hard(1800) as a fully amped up Alexander(1000)

Those shots on jardine must have really hit the spot
3/30/09 6:42:40PM
And 6 seconds.............. later he is Knocked out
3/30/09 6:58:34PM
NJJ ftw
3/30/09 8:10:14PM
lol houston is crazy
3/30/09 9:00:22PM
Pretty cool vid. Maybe they should use somthing other than that dummy, as I would assume there can be a pretty significant alterations in just how square and flush you hit the head, so it doesn't really give that accurate an assesment of your punching power.
3/30/09 9:05:56PM
Pretty awesome. I still love watching Houston fight. He brings it every time, and you know somebody is going to get KTFO when he fights. Whether it's him or his opponent- he leaves it all in the cage. Plus, he's actually a really nice guy.
3/31/09 12:10:05PM
that was pretty cool to watch...

They seemed like they were really messing with the guys circutry though... Houston looked so amped, like he was almost ready to cry, after they were through...

I guess all those stories you hear about mothers picking up whole cars to save their babies and stuff like that might actually be true if your body can really produce that much adrenaline...

On a side note, I don't know much about anatomy or physiology or whatever... But wouldn't it seem that whichever test they ran first would have come up with the higher reading? Unless they did them on different days or something, but if I'm not mistaken I don't think your body makes adrenaline as fast as it can use it up??? Just an observation
3/31/09 7:49:38PM
Pretty cool vid. houston is going to decapatate Gusamo
3/31/09 11:40:49PM
I they would have just shown the vids of each punch, I would have picked the second being the best. He punches through yhe head. In the third he doesn't punch all the way through. That could easily account for 100lbs I would think.
4/1/09 11:50:27AM
He's lucky the dummy didn't have some sort of ground game.
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