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6/29/07 6:20:11PM
That's a step down from Jardine. I would have rather him fought a step up, like Lambert.

6/29/07 6:23:09PM
Alexander better not look at it that way, Sakara will put it on him if he does.
6/29/07 6:23:16PM
I wanted to see him vs Forrest. Still, Sakara is a good boxer. We haven't sen much of Alexander, I think his chin will definitely get tested here. if he has a McFedries type chin , Alexander has a shot.
6/29/07 6:24:46PM
first round KO
6/29/07 6:27:11PM
I want sakara to destroy alexander.
6/29/07 6:30:46PM
I'm not saying I think Sak isn't a hard test, I just like what Pride did with Sok with his win over little Nog. They didn't beat around the bush, they gave him a shot to continue his upward momentum right a way with a fight with Arona. It let us fans see it wasn't a fluke when he pulled the first upset.
6/29/07 6:32:02PM
Does anyone remember the McFredries vs. Sakara fight a couple months ago? It was a back and forth war. That's sort of what I'm anticipating, here. Time will tell. :)
6/29/07 11:25:04PM
i think alexander will knock out sakara, i like sakara but he just doesn't have the power for a stand up battle

alexander first round ko
6/29/07 11:26:57PM
It's funny how based on one performance, people are so quick to change their minds on fighters. Sakara will dominate the standup, no question.
6/29/07 11:49:31PM
sakara wins
6/30/07 7:25:52AM
Im not sure why people are talking about Alexander like he is some kind of monster now; Jardine almost Ko'd him, and Alexander managed to stagger back with some sloppy punches and KO Jardine. I dont really see what makes Alexander so special. One good punch from Sakara will give Houston Spaghetti legs again.
6/30/07 8:48:54AM
Alexander is going to have to take this fight very seriously indeed. if he overlooks Sakara he'll be in a lot of trouble. As we saw, Jardine nearly put him away, I thought that fight was over when Jardine rocked Houston, but as we saw, that was turned around quite quickly.

If Houston doesn't be careful he'll get decked here. Sure, his KO victory was impressive, but at the same time, I have concerns over his chin considering how fast he himself got rocked. I don't think Alessio will want to fly out into a sloppy boxing match with him having seen that he does have KO power. Instead, I think we'll see Alessio go for a more subtle, reserved approach to the fight, which will really test Houston.
6/30/07 8:50:51AM
Houston prolly hits harder but Sakara is faster with a mean left hook, im undecided but will prolly favor Houston
6/30/07 11:57:40AM

Posted by Ydoc

I'm not saying I think Sak isn't a hard test, I just like what Pride did with Sok with his win over little Nog. They didn't beat around the bush, they gave him a shot to continue his upward momentum right a way with a fight with Arona. It let us fans see it wasn't a fluke when he pulled the first upset.

I don't think Pride set Soku up with Arona to keep his momentum, I think they set this fight up to prove that the lil Nog fight was a fluke and another top Brazilian would defeat him with ease. I guess it back fired.
6/30/07 12:30:18PM
Some people are expecting Houston to blast his way through Sakara but I believe Sakara is the more technical fighter on the feet and can pick Houston apart but he just needs to avoid the clinch aswell as his punching power which will be costly in the clinch.

I also think that Sakara has the KO power to stop Houston in the 2nd round and thats my prediction
6/30/07 1:24:43PM
Sakara will win by 1st round ko/tko.
6/30/07 2:37:53PM
I'm not even gonna pick one on this, it would be goin out on a limb too much, somethin tells me Alexander though. But I wanna go for Sakara. So I dont know...
6/30/07 4:25:51PM
But by not picking you only lose out for sure, you may save your career record a loss but this doesnt count for much, you need the points to win the real money
6/30/07 5:19:24PM
Sakara by devistating KO, Alexander got a lucky win.
6/30/07 5:30:55PM
Its hard to call since weve seen alexander fight for all of like 40 seconds. but i think sakara will take this one.
6/30/07 5:54:45PM
Sakara puts alexander to sleep early in the first round, Sakara is a way better boxer and has way better standup not to mention he is very underrated fighter and Alexander is one of the most overhyped overrated fighters around.
6/30/07 6:08:50PM
I saw Alexander for 40sec against a very sluggish striker Jardine. I see Sakara winning this fight

what's with this Alexander-mania all of a sudden?! zOMG, he KO'ed a TUFer, Alexander for god!
6/30/07 10:50:55PM
I think Houston is as good as his performance, he was 6-1 the one loss was on his return to fighting, t he point he has a lot of talent and always did and we would heard from him sooner but he had to temporarily leave to take care of his kids.
7/1/07 8:28:44PM
I pick Sakara in this fight because he has very technical boxing skills. From what I've seen of Alexander with the UFC and other organizations he's fought in, he likes to stand and strike. I think Sakara takes this through a KO/TKO in the 1st round.
7/1/07 8:50:03PM
sakara wins by UD
7/1/07 9:02:07PM
Sakara wins this one

if you watched the first few seconds of the Jardine/Alexander fight when Jardine was hopping up and down("chimpanzee approach" as Rogan put it)......Alexander's stand up looked horrible and slow,kind of like he was a little too built for his own good

like i said it before....i would love for Mcfedries to go back to 205 and see his fight against strikers(Bisping,Jardine,Alexander,Liddell,Jackson,Forrest) instead of Middleweight(Grove,Kampmann,Okami) where there are more ground fighters...

the only good match up i see for Mcfedries at MW is Terry Martin...and i see Mcfedries KOing him early
7/2/07 12:16:46AM
After the Jardine Fight I don't doubt, Alexander's punching power or recovery time but the truth is he looked very sloppy. If he comes at Sakara winging big punches and looking to brawl he's going to get picked apart and stopped before the end of the second.If he can some how cut Alessio off and bull him into the cage where his big hooks and uppercuts are more effective he can definitely take it, but I think Legionarius takes this via well roundedness and greater technical skill.
7/2/07 1:10:24PM
I was impressed that after gettin rocked and put down when the fight started, that alexander came back and Ko'd Jardine. But his punches were sloppy and sluggish. I'm not saying he didn't deserve to win because he did win and thats that. but he's got a tough task ahead of him with sakara. Sakaras boxing is great, so I see sakara landing a mean ledt hook early in the 2nd and puttin alexander away
7/2/07 3:02:33PM
I'm not totally sold on Alexander to be honest i mean he beat Jardine but its not a big deal. Jardine had a good showing against Griffen but i don't think that means he was a top guy. One win doesn't make you the greatest fighter in the division. I think Alexander got the jitters out but i don't think hes enough well rounded to beat Sakara. Hes gonna try to trade blow for blow against him and realize hes in too far.
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