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10/29/07 6:35:18PM
Here are the top 3 Scorers... Come and clame your prize !!!

1. richieb19 - 12/12

2. Svartorm - 10/12

3.pv3Hpv3p - 9/12


1. Name 3 MMA fighters with 20 or more submissions wins. You get 2 points if you name 1 girl fighter with 20 or more submissions

Men: Answers varry Girls :
Satoko Shinashi

2. Who is the interim Heavyweight King of Pancrase?

Assuerio Silva

3. Which fighter is famous for his stunning liver punch?

Bas Rutten , I accepted Pete Sell

4. Who are 1 of the 3 men to ever beat Marcelo Garcia in ADCC?

Drysdale , Jacare , PdP

5. Which TUF 6 Cast member has lost to Marcelo Garcia in ADCC?

George S

6. Which UFC fighter has the most ever triangle choke victories?

Evan Tanner

7. What Japanese fighter has a victory by standing arm-break?

Shinya Aoki

8. What type of fighter is Zelg Galasic's kryptonite?

A Judoka

9. Which MMA fighter is as of right now a 2 time K-1 Kickboxing Champion?

Semmy Schilt

10. What did Mike Kyle do to Wes Simms when they faught that was somewhat contraversial?

He bit his chest

11. Who was known as Mr. Yellowcard in Pride FC?

Gilbert Yvel

12. What is Wanderlaei Silva's sons name?

10/29/07 11:08:36PM
What do I win?
10/29/07 11:34:45PM
Props Great Job !!!
10/30/07 4:45:05AM
I cleaned up!
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