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POLL: Evans or Bocek?
Evans by Sub 8% (2)
Bocek by Sub 44% (11)
Evans by (t)ko 40% (10)
Bocek by (t)ko 8% (2)
12/17/07 10:19:39PM
I'm biased but I really think Bocek can catch Evans with a submission.

What say you?

Edit: Forgot to add the decision options, sorry.
12/17/07 10:23:07PM

Posted by Franklinfan47

I'm biased but I really think Bocek can catch Evans with a submission.

What say you?

I'd say it's a good possibility.
12/17/07 10:26:45PM
I have it Evans by decision. No clue though and honestly don't even care about these guys.
12/17/07 10:31:32PM
gotta hunch on evans by ko
12/17/07 10:32:33PM
This is going to be a pretty good fight, I'll go in depth with it for you bro. Mark is one of the best submission grapplers that Canada has to offer pound for pound. He has good striking as we saw him drop Frankie Edgar with a shot. Doug Evans is a great wrestler with pretty good striking. He tends to drop his hands so watch for Mark to pepper him up a little. But I think this fight goes to the ground with Mark on his back and he catches Doug Evans with a Arm- Bar.
12/17/07 10:44:48PM
i've gone bocek by sub rd 1
12/17/07 10:58:30PM
evans by decision, he is a very good wrestler and he will control the fight for a ud. evans could be a pretty good up and comer if he improves his standup, his wrestling is as good as anybodies.
12/17/07 11:28:06PM
I'll be cheering for Bocek, but I don't know if he'll win.

It's certainly a possibility.
12/18/07 8:49:43AM
Im surprised this is the hot bout and so many are choosing Evans!!!

Green wrestler against BJJ ace spells it out for me
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