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5/30/08 11:18:15AM
Hey guys need a little help if you can my friends and I (one flying up from ATT) will be attending UFC 87 up in MN. I was hoping someone could help me out with hotel info for the event, as in which hotel is the UFC using for the event. I would rather say at the fighters hotel than some where else. Thanks.

5/30/08 11:20:34PM
Hi Danny

Look here to find some info

Hope it helped
5/30/08 11:53:06PM
hey. There are tons of hotels by the Target Center. Most likely they will stay at the Graves 601 Hotel, which is across the street from the arena. Some other hotels that are close by are the Marriot Minneapolis Center, Radisson Plaza Hotel, Residence Inn, The Westinn, & the Ramada Inn. Those are all pretty much the closest hotels by the arena. I won't be attending UFC 87, but im going to be around that area forsure when the fighters are getting prepared and whatnot. I'm going to go to the weigh in too!! I'll see you there DannyD.
6/1/08 1:16:39AM
me and my friends were also looking into attending ufc 87 but once we noticed airfare, hotel and tickets, we just didn't have $1300 each. i guess we just have to wait for NY to legalize.
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