What will the 2 hot matches be for pride 33?

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POLL: What will be the 2nd hot mach at pride 33
Nick Diaz v.s Takanori "The Fireball Kid" Gomi 74% (20)
Sergei Kharitonov v.s Gilbert "The Hurrican" Yvel 26% (7)
2/7/07 12:40:43AM
Well we know from the last ufc and from todays news that they'll be having 2 hot maches worth x2. So we know the 2 fights that are close in our picks will be the fights they pick. As of now we know the Trigg v.s Misaki will be one of those with it being 56-44 for trigg. But who do you think should be the second hot fight. As of now those are the only other 2 fights that are even within 20% of eachother. My pick would be diaz v.s Gomi.
2/7/07 1:32:05AM
i now it will be the best match, but i don't know if it should be the hot match. diaz has great stand up but if has any butterflies going into a big fight like this gomi will destroy him
2/7/07 9:42:20AM
Yeah a lot of people seem to like diaz in this match. he has a great chin and he's used to fighting bigger guys so you never know.
2/7/07 11:33:41AM
ya i can see this being the fight of the night also.
2/7/07 11:39:30PM
14 to 4 i think we migth have a winner
2/8/07 8:37:03PM
Misaki/Trigg will be for sure.
2/8/07 8:38:18PM
Sorry, I guess I just read the thread title. Sergei/Yvel would be my guess.
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