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4/2/09 2:01:40AM
How did Eliot Marshall vs Vinicius Magalhaes receive it? Honestly I could care less about that fight. I would say Brian Stann vs Krzysztof Soszynski would be a much better candidate. Not to mention Jason MacDonald vs Nate Quarry. I believe the hot event is picked only by what is the closest percentage of picks. If so I would suggest that if the percentages are close to pick the fight which more people have voted upon. Just an Idea.
4/2/09 5:11:02AM
This has come up many times before, it's determined by whatever fight is closest in terms of picks.
4/2/09 9:09:33AM
Right, but there are two fights with the same percentages. I was saying for a tie breaker they should pick the fight with more votes.
4/2/09 9:21:38AM
The percentage may look the same, but the actual individual votes may not quite be the same. Besides, it can still change. UFN 18's hot bout changed at the last minute.
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