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3/18/09 8:17:44PM
First off i was just wondering how hot events are chosen?

and then i dont know anything about the fighters for the hot event 2x coming up at fight night 18

Aaron "A-Train" Simpson vs Tim "Wrecking Machine" McKenzie

Aaron is 4-0 all wins by way of ko/tko - with no top notch experience

Tim is 12 - 5, 7wins by tko, 4 subs, 1 dec. losses- 3 subs, 2 tko, who has been in the cage with some vets, but doesnt have any notable wins

(all info coming from sherdog)

I have never seen either fight before but my guess is aaron simpson 2 rd tko

what does everyone else think about this hot bout
3/18/09 8:31:53PM
I have simpson picked to win. I think i watched some videos on him and was immpressed.?? cant remember for sure.....dman now i have to think.
3/18/09 8:50:19PM
The hot bout is determined to be whatever fight has the closest picks on the playground for each card. So Simpson vs. McKenzie has the closest split between people picking fighter1 and people picking fighter2.
3/18/09 10:37:46PM
McKenzie by sub
3/18/09 10:47:47PM
Simpson's been lucky enough to get it done early, but McKenzie is a vet who won't be put away too early. Simpson likes to wrestle and McKenzie has crafty jits with a lot longer limbs.

I'm guessing Simpson eventually takes McKenzie down and finds himself in a sub since his JJ game is still green
3/18/09 11:11:04PM
Simpson's opponents have a combined record of 3-5. I'm taking McKenzie...
3/18/09 11:38:26PM
simpson was bader.s cb dollaway and cain velasquez wrestling coach

i love the hot bouts it will either make or break my fight cards

i enjoy picking them
3/19/09 1:51:30AM
No offense To SImpson, but he is raw and hasn't fought anybody of McKenzies caliber . McKenzie is a vet with sub skill, and even though I don't think he is a top level guy, I think experiences wins out her. . If I knew Simpson had good sub D, I might think differently, ut right now I got McKenzie by sub in 1.
3/19/09 5:30:18AM
thanks for the info i think i will pick Simpson 3 rnd tko

mckenzie seems like the safer pick but ill take the risk of taking the untested fighter
3/19/09 9:34:05AM
I like McKenzie just because he's got one of the best mohawks I've ever seen-and he fights with it-but since it apparently can't be used as a weapon as well as not impressing me enough in WEC, among other things, I'm taking Simpson by 1st round KO/TKO. Could be a fast fight.
3/19/09 9:56:49AM
subMcKenzie wins late
3/20/09 2:01:18AM

Posted by burialchamber

Simpson's opponents have a combined record of 3-5. I'm taking McKenzie...

That is the best argument of I have seen on this thread either way.
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