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1/22/11 6:14:03AM
I know there has been a lot of talk about the wagers for UFC Fight for the Troops and the fact the picks are not counting up correctly in the stats, but the other thing to note is, because it is not calculating correctly the Hot Bout will not calculate properly, at the moment it is Edwards v McKenzie but there is no way that everyones picks have been included in the stats, the only reason I mentioned it is Im not sure if any one else has picked up on this.
1/22/11 9:57:43AM
I've been thinkin it'll probably change to Campuzano/Cariaso if that fight tallies enough picks to qualify. I guess we'll know at lock time.
1/22/11 11:13:45AM
Ive noticed it, but I think the mods are already aware.
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