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11/22/08 11:49:05PM
Just curious, not trying to change things but im curious on everyones thoughts.

Doesnt it make sense to put the HOT bout as the fight where most people are different from eachother, rather then 52/48. That being said, you would think with the 90/10 fights you would feel more confident with the hot bout pick, and be less pissed if you got it wrong.

I know this might not make much sense, but i just think it kinda sucks to have a lawson/edwards fight as a HOT bout on Strikeforce, two guys i have no idea about to decide my fate on a card, rather then it being a more popular fight in which i know 80% of the other fighters, and dont get to have my fate decided on a fighter i know?

Just throwing it out there, because im curious on people's views, and wondering if this will ever change....just because i personally think it would be WAY more fun, to have a ludwig/edwards fight as a HOT bout rather then 2 no names.

thats all
11/22/08 11:58:20PM
true very true and good idea kinda thingy
11/23/08 12:02:15AM
i think it should stay the same. I would hope a hot bout is never a fight where it is 90/10 because then too many people would be getting it right and that takes the fun out of it.
11/23/08 12:05:50AM
But you think its fair that someone should win an event because of a lucky guess on a match, where 95'% of the people dont know either fighter?

So if you went 9/9 in picks, than you get the 1 fight wrong where some guys are 0-1 and 1-1 and you have no clue about them. And by you getting a 0 and some guy getting 22 points. You lose a chance at first place and winning some real coin due to coin flip?

I am fine with the way it is now, just throwing my thoughts out there.

11/23/08 12:16:32AM
The entire reason the hot bout exists is to break up scoring deadlocks, so having it be a fight thats fairly skewed towards one guy will do nothing. It'll make 90% of the peoples scores higher, or if the dog wins, make it so the only people that can win were ones that went on a limb. Sometimes the hot bouts aren't that exciting, but the Strikeforce event wasn't a case of two guys no one knows anything about. Having 9 fights, most of them under major fight banners, doesn't make you an unknown unless someone is too lazy to look a guy up.
11/23/08 12:22:37AM
Was just using that as an example.

I just know alot of secondary league fights HOT BOUTS have had alot of lesser known fighters... has nothing to be with lazy, if you cant get to watch any of their fights.

Either way,
Im good with the way it was, just curious on peoples thoughts.

11/23/08 2:21:08AM
Maybe the mods could make up something called the big bouts or something, where if you pick correctly for a bout everyone knows will be close or really exciting you know? Like Page v Wand.
11/23/08 10:56:21AM
i dont look at this as a "lucky guess" the way it is. i'm just saying i like it the way it is. if ppl take the time to do the research and even "google" the fighter's names if need be. I'm not saying i do very well b/c i think i'm 50 - 50 split on "hot bouts"... i just think it makes it more interesting. You get to find out who the TRUE HARDCORE MMA FANS are. And who the ppl are that just mess around on here for fun and dont take a personal interest to such a degree as the rest of us.
11/23/08 11:44:23AM
I'm not for any change in the hot bout. The system is in place for a reason. Just like Svartorm mentioned in his post. There have been several times that the hotbout has been well known fighters, and there have been several times that the hotbout has been unknown fighters.

It works out quite well since there are rarely any real problems with ties.
11/23/08 12:06:55PM
Id quite like it if the hot bout was the closest bout on the main card of an event, not really becouse of the fighters being better known, just becouse it would add a little more excitement to a fight we get to see. Still, its also cool when its lesser known fighters, kinda rewards those who research the fighters or who follow the lower orgs and know who the fighters are anyways.
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