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7/18/11 4:44:44AM
the bar I work at is having trivia night tomorrow night & I am covering for the regular host bc of some last minute bs & I need some good questions that have legit answers before 8pm tonight.

The category is movies

props to everyone who helps

7/18/11 6:16:46AM

I would try using the trivia from this site. some of it is random but other is really easy. just type in any movie title or actor and there ill be a "trivia" shortcut on the side.
7/18/11 9:40:16AM
What is the name of the girl Andy Dufrene ask Red for in Shawshank
7/18/11 11:03:51AM
I would say you got to get a good mix. Since it's movie trivia, you need some chick flick questions, some guy movie questions, and some questions that anyone could answer.

A few sample questions:

Question: What was the name of Julia Robert's character in Pretty Woman?
Answer: Vivian Ward

Question: What was the target of the terrorist plot in Die Hard: With a Vengeance?
Answer: The Federal Reserve Bank

Question: In the movie The Sandlot, who autographed the baseball the boys were trying to reclaim?
Answer: "Babe" Ruth
7/18/11 11:30:58AM
Q: Name a funny classic line in Roadhouse

A: "Pain don't hurt"
7/18/11 12:04:15PM
Who makes miracle's happen, but isn't Jesus?
7/18/11 12:21:51PM
You can always do the identify the movie from the picture game. They are always fun.

You can spend an eternity on this
Site its more interactive games than it is trivia, but it should still give you some ideas.

7/18/11 12:28:07PM
Q - In the movie Dumb and Dumber, "Sea Bass" was played by which former NHL player?
A - Cam Neely

Q - In the movie Happy Gilmore, who was Adam Sandlers favorite Hockey player?
A - Terry O' Reilly

Q - In the movie Home Alone Lost in New York, the hotel butler was played by who?
A - Rob Schnieder

Q - Who was the killer in the first Friday the 13th?
A - Jason's Mom (Pamela Voorhees)

Q - In the movie Waynes World, what gift did Stacy give Wayne for their Anniversary?
A - A gun rack

7/18/11 2:37:17PM
Here's a movie Trivia site that has a lot of quizzes that you can borrow from.

7/18/11 2:50:28PM
Q: Out of the 9 Nightmare on Elm Street movies, how many were produced in the 1980s?
A: 5 of them
Q: In the movie The Great Outdoors, how many ounces was the steak Chet Ripley (John Candy's character) ate?
A: 96 ounces.
Q: In the movie Vegas Vacation, what was Rusty Griswald's fake name?
A: Nick Pappagiorgio
Q: In the movie Wedding Crashers, who was the inventor of "wedding crashing" and who was he played by?
A: Chazz Reinhold and was played by Will Ferrell
Q: Julie Roberts had two of her first major movie roles in 1988, name one of the two movies. If they get both, give a bonus point.
A: Satisfaction or Mystic Pizza.

Hope these help
7/18/11 4:00:17PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Who makes miracle's happen, but isn't Jesus?

Rod Tidwell - In Jerry Maguire
7/18/11 4:21:57PM
"A gun rack? A gun rack? Shhhyeah, hooray! I don't even own A gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack! What am I gonna do.... with a gun rack?"

Sorry, one of the best scenes in movie history!

Good call on Nick Papagiorgio too, Outlaw. One of the best fake names ever, and not a bad "Vacation" movie.

I always just claim to be Gary Gygax....
7/18/11 4:58:28PM
thanks for all the help guys!!!!
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